Celqi - 3D Map Editor (1.0.00)

Created on 4th Jan 2023

Last Updated on 1st Dec 2023

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Celqi (pronounced "Selkie") is a 3D map editor for FUZE4 Nintendo Switch that makes it easy to quickly build complicated environments out of objects from FUZE's extensive asset library. Celqi is primarily a graphical editor and is designed to provide a user-friendly alternative to directly defining 3D object placement in code. In this way, it is roughly analogous to FUZE's built-in 2D map editor. Celqi stores its map data in the text file, and by including a subset of Celqi's functions (the core loader) in your game project, you can access the map data from code without running the editor.

Notable features of Celqi include:

* Multiple save files.

* Unrestricted map dimensions.

* Object merging for easier modularity.

* Full support for lights.

* Full-map collision detection.

* USB keyboard support.

* Experimental physics engine.

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