Wireframe Entry: WHITE-OUT

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    This is my submission to the Wireframe Magazine competition:


    Download ID: DWRP3MND5C

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    Having played it I can honestly say it's utterly brilliant and amazing fun to play. Well done indeed.

  • CLAP CLAP CLAP Wow Vin this is really good. You really understand your game very well and what makes it fun. Love the enemies. But also the game's forgiving nature of allowing the player to just get a small boost before a boss. Well done! You have a knack for this. Also love how you have the effects with my fonts. Very awesome to see something I made be put to amazing use.

  • Consider my mind blown! Another polished, stylised, professional entry. This looks like the full package and I’ll be trying it out when I can. I also really like the font!

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    @vinicity Totally awesome! There's something really evocative about the art... superficially it might not seem like an accurate analog, but this tripped the same part of my brain as "Xenon" does. I also laughed out loud at the bird heads boss :D

  • Just amazing. I think the difficulty is well-judged - as chaotic as side-scrolling shooters tend to be, but with well-placed / good amount of power-ups. The movement patterns are really inventive. The bosses are creative and I like how they have phases, as if you’ve broken through their first level of armour and they’re angry! Very well done.
    Oh, I’m happy to report I completed it on my first go :). That will be all the hours of Thunderforce 3 as a kid! Score 17400.

  • Congrats vinicity, its a very nice old style shooter game i like it also and indeed the bosses are very nice and well thought off

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    Had a proper blast on it pure genius as always ! Love how the huds move when the ship occupies that area of the screen and the bosses rock!

  • Well done! You've done it again!
    I should have played it on stream honestly, but I reached the second boss so far, and it's everything it's advertised to be :)

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    It is like playing a shut em up in a Miro painting 🤩 speechless.

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    you're the master of these 'wow-effect'-moments, no doubt

    outstanding work as always!

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