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  • Hello.
    I'm Jayenkai. In real-life, people seem to want to call me "James Gamble", which is a rubbish name, because it doesn't Google very well without being spammed up by that Soap guy.
    I started coding back on the Amstrad CPC (6128) and have pretty much stuck to various Basics along the way, AMOS, Blitz, that kind of thing. Nowadays I've ended up making most of my games using Javascript, because that way more people can play them.

    I try to stick to minimal games which are fun to play. AGameAWeek is my target, though last year I ended up doing 113, so.. ... yeah...
    People keep suggesting that I'd be better making larger "bigger" games, but from experience whenever I've tried to do that, the games have ended up being exactly the same games, with me just wasting all the extra time making larger menus and other such "padding" that I can throw on top. IMO, a game should just be what it is. Gameplay. End-Of.

    I'm currently not making games in Fuze. (I'm one of those "Smile" people, I'm afraid.) But some day I intend to get around to figuring this all out, finding a nice way to get along with Fuze, and jumping on board properly.
    Until then, I'll continue to make an alarming number of games, everywhere else, and giving everything away for people to play for free. Because.. Why not!?

  • I'm Jason, a graduate student in the US. Nowadays, I program computational models, among other things, but game design was my initial bachelors. It's something I really enjoy, so it's nice to have something that let's me program that also bundles assets on the Switch.

    So far, I've been using objectIntersect() to make appropriate sliding collision responses, made a fake file system with (de)serialization of variables to store them between sessions, and made sprite-like objects that can be spliced together to add to the available sprite animations (uses drawQuad() to pull out the pieces per frame).

    Hopefully I can think of a game worth making instead of just making random game mechanics. In any case, I figured that I could at least share code with the community.

  • Hello, I go by Tony. I've actually been a business applications developer for 29 years. About 20 of those have spent with web applications development with Java. I want to develop games more as a hobby and I like the Switch platform, so that's why I'm here! : )

  • Hello, I'm Nate, go by Xeno, lifelong hobby programmer with experience in Pascal, C++, Java, and Javascript. I bought Fuze4 on my Nintendo Switch to start teaching my six-year-old son how to code. He loves using a keyboard on our TV. When we wrote the "Hello World" program, he insisted that we print the word "Poop" which was very amusing.

    I'm glad to have found this program and the Fuze Arena community. I am still trying to learn the language so that I can help teach it to my son, but so far it's going very well.

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  • Hallo everybody
    I am MadChillyRed I'm new Here.
    I have no program acknowledge.
    My background is making music.
    I was always interested to learn to make game specially beat em up game.
    People already done it or have tips.
    Let me know I'm very interested.
    I'm here to learn and get some wisdom.

  • Mark here, I’ve had dreams of being able to code my own games since the Amstrad days (Dizzy rocks!) Done a few bits over the years although mainly at beginner level.

    Just a quick message to say hi and thankyou in advance for all the support ! Busy working through my first lines of FUZE code, hope I can get up to scratch to join in on the game jams - love the live stream content fantastic stuff, really got me on the FUZE train.

    Also I would like to pass on my thanks for the tutorials presented by Dave and Ben, very helpful guys.

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  • Hi I'm Ben. I am a middle school student who likes to play sports and make games for fun. I like running at home with my parents or biking with my brother. My friend group and I are all a bunch of nerds who laugh with each other a lot. I have had FUZE 4 for about a year and enjoy trying to participate in some gamejams to show off my armature coding skills.

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    I guess I never really introduced myself here, did I?

    I don’t like disclosing my real name online anymore, but you can call me Scrubz. I’m an 18 (almost 19) year old who knows waaaaaay too many programming languages. I first started programming back in 2013 with Petit Computer and I've continued my coding adventure with its successors, SmileBASIC 3 and 4. I’ve picked up a number of other languages over the years through school, work, and a few just for fun.

    Four years ago is when I first heard about FUZE. When the Switch version released, I was interested… but not $20 interested. There was also a ton of negative criticism about FUZE going around within the SmileBASIC community, which made me even less interested.

    Around three months ago I got word that hundreds of free copies of FUZE were being given away for a contest and I nabbed myself one. Funnily enough, this was right after the annual SmileBASIC programming contest ended, so I was jumping from one contest into the next! I think I have a programming addiction haha.

    I was only planning on making a single low-effort game for FUZE, but I quickly picked up the language and started taking things a bit more seriously. Two months and one contest later, I can say that FUZE is better than I was expecting. It still has a fair number of issues (which I may touch on in the future), but I had a blast making my contest entry!

    I’m glad to be a part of the community and I’m looking forward to the future of FUZE!

  • I can't believe I did not heard about Fuze before!
    I'm a 49 y/o french developper and founder of MixTeen.
    This is a non profit organization which tries to enlight a bit kids about the digital world around them.
    Part of it is of course coding basics, from scratch to Python, or DIY way with micro:bit boards and electronics.
    I would love to show them what a Switch can do and it will reminds me the beginning of my professional career :)

  • Hello everyone! I'm Tim, and I like to tell people I've been failing at programming for just about 15 years now. I plan on using Fuze to create a game for my wife and I to enjoy together.

    Could someone PM me with the best way to ask questions? I've had a a few that the command reference couldn't answer.

  • Fuze Team

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  • Hi everyone. Been using F4NS since release and really like the readily availability of it. I haven't made much yet, but I did make a shmup for the contest recently (one in which you control both a horizontal and a vertical player - downloadcode: NX6G2KKDNZ.) and have some other plans in mind.
    I'll probably hop onto the Discord at some point.

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