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    @pianofire @mario-bodemann it's one keypress instead of two..!

    We would allow two space tabs.

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    Will we get more detaills how it works how we can submit our programms

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    @petermeisenstein Yes you will

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    @pianofire I knew it ... ;-)

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    @pianofire Thank you.One question is this only a plan or an idea or is this 100 save

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    @petermeisenstein This post wouldn't be here if there wasn't good reason for it to be!

  • Congratulations on the progress that you where ready to announce this, it is exciting news! 😀

    Tabs vs spaces
    Is it ok to use tabs in stead of 2 or 4 spaces?

    I'm used to the IDE making the right decision for me when I type tab (when auto formatting is not available for the type of file I'm working on). For example: try typing tab in Visual Studio Code (a free IDE by Microsoft), and you'll notice it places 4 spaces by default. Because of this, I use tab in my Fuze sources, it also makes my life easier while navigating code with arrow keys.

    Under normal circumstances I would prefer that code is easy enough to read, so that comments are hardly required. Comments always risk to be out dated when they describe what the code does (when something changes, the comments often don't change). If reading the could would not explain why it is there, that is a good reason for a comment.

    However, Fuze is an environment where people may read your code to learn coding, and that does influence my view on this for Fuze a little. But still, I think it's easier to learn from well written code than bad written comments.

    So I'm curious about the opinion of the Fuze team on this.

    Forwards compatibility
    As I mentioned in a separate post, it is currently possible to use bugs in Fuze for functionality. When these bugs are fixed, the games using these bugs, would break.

    How will the Fuze team approach this scenario?

    • Will games be taken offline with updates that break them?
    • Will the Fuze Team maintain projects that are handed to them?
    • Will the original author be able to submit updates? (and what if this undo's changes under the previous bullet by the Fuze team?)
    • Will the original author have any obligation or legal accountability after submitting the game?

    License agreement
    Couple of questions about the license agreement:

    • Can it contain my handle in stead of my real name?
    • Is it allowed for the author to redistribute his/her/other own content, without the permission of FUZE Technologies Ltd.?
    • What about a remake of a game that was released under an open source license (for example the MIT license), would it be ok to submit such content under this license?

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    Count me in.
    Hopefully you can update because all my stuff is always half done in that I like to add more.
    Just can't help myself.

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    Tabs Vs. Spaces
    When I said "4 Space" indents I'm also including tabs in this. I'll modify the original post to make that clearer. Either 2 spaces, or a single tab is fine.

    I would urge people not get hung-up on the details of readability, comments, variable names, etc. Authors can always ask us before submitting, and as said, we are totally happy to work with authors to make sure the process is as smooth/easy as possible. If the author thinks something is self-evident and doesn't need thorough commenting, they may leave it up to us to decide.

    Forwards Compatibility

    • We hope to be in communication, if something gets broken - we would hope to be able to fix it as soon as possible. We will work with the creator to achieve this.
    • Similar to above - yes in that capacity.
    • Yes - if the original author made improvements/changes to the project and wanted to include them, they would be able to submit updates. There would of course be a timeframe at play here - updates won't be instantaneous
    • In the case that a submission causes offense or legal pushback, it will be immediately removed. Should somehow the author be deemed to have commited a criminal offence within the submission (i.e, incitement of hatred or violence, copyright infringement), and it made it though the submission process due to the content being in some way obscured from us (we will be putting every submission through extensive testing and the code will be read), then FUZE Technologies Ltd and its staff/employees would not be held accountible, and would work with the relevant authorities in any way necessary so as to reach the optimal conlcusion in accordance with the law.

    In that context, then the answer to your question is yes. In terms of obligation, it depends as to what.

    Situations that arise will be dealt with on a case by case basis - and most importantly here is communication is key.

    License Agreement

    • Yes - as long as FUZE Technologies Ltd has the real author associated with the handle internally.
    • Not sure what you mean by this one, could I get some clarification?
    • As long as it doesn't infringe someone elses copyright then yes. Generally, if in doubt, don't!

  • @Dave Thank you for the detailed response. I think the disclaimer is fair enough, especially if someone deliberately tries to obscure content from the review process.

    It shouldn't come as a surprise that my concern was with the 2048 game that I'm working on. It's clearly a remake of a game (that is mentioned on the "Video game clone" Wikipedia page as being a clone by itself, and has been cloned in many ways already). I wouldn't expect issues with it, but I would label it under if in doubt (I've heard that for the USA market, even the name of a game shouldn't sound like something copyrighted, I don't have sufficient insight in that kind of stuff). Of course I'd like to make it available, but the fundamentals of the game, where not my original idea (I'd think this should be fine for the EU market).

    When it came to my question about "obligation", my concern was indeed with communication. As long a I'd be active on the forum, obviously, I'd respond, but I wouldn't give long term commitment on being available, should issues arise. However I do trust the Fuze team to be very capable of dealing with situations on a case by case basis. There is no trust issue towards you guys at all.

    To clarify "Is it allowed for the author to redistribute his/her/other own content, without the permission of FUZE Technologies Ltd.?":
    If I have created my own original assets and used them in the game, should I ask FUZE Technologies Ltd. before I'd want to use those assets outside of the FUZE environment? Or does that only apply to third parties? My first thought here was about my profile picture (that I've used as logo in my game).

    In a broader, not self oriented context, I can imagine that someone creates an original in-game character and would like to create a new game based on that character in a different FUZE environment (obviously while the game is hyped on social media and streaming platforms).

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    @Dave This player thing is a phenomenal idea, and the notion of making it a loss-leading, gratis gateway to the full product is brilliant. I also got a notification via the Switch dashboard that the Fuze product has undergone a re-pricing?

    What if we continually improve a game that you did accept-- will the new versions of said game be included in updated player releases? I'm guessing it's "yes", but I want to make sure, since it impacts my "Skatey-Cat" backlog a bit (more on that in a moment).

    50+ million Switch units have been sold. If even a small percentage of the user base downloads the player, any game someone gets included with it may be played by tens of thousands of people-- think of the pride and sense of accomplishment!

    In any event, the pressure is on: last night, I sorted out my "Skatey-Cat" backlog, plus tasked and estimated everything, then looked at my availability-- I think I can just about make it by end-of-day March 2 if I really cram in some long-ish weekends. Then at least you'd have a finished (or more finished) product to consider, if it's deemed good enough for inclusion.

    Judging by the talent on display on this forum, you'll have no shortage of great submissions to pick from; we've seen everything from texture-mapped perspective-correct geometry (with smiley faces to boot), to arcade-perfect homages of classic Atari releases (combat, anyone?), to platformers with commercial-quality art work (some may or may not involve crazy frogs), and everything in between. I'm really excited to see the first iteration of the player!

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    If this player is coming out, does this mean that Fuze won't be getting its own in program downloader for shared projects? Or will Fuze get one that just instantly uploads approved one's, while Fuze Player has a longer approval process? And then also, if you submit after release, how do you submit? Is it a button in Fuze, or a forum post?

  • After my previous more formal messages, I just like to clarify, that I enjoy using Fuze a lot, and that I do appreciate the project and the team behind it. Also for me personally, using Fuze is for recreational purposes only. I do have a job as a software engineer, but nothing that involves disciplines specific to creating games. I've created a few games as a kid for fun, and it's nice to go back to that a little.

    I probably won't have enough steam to bring anything up to par for the Fuze player in the short term (hopefully in the long run some day :-) ), but I'm glad to be part of the journey on some form anyway. I agree that it's a great idea to reach a wide audience with the Fuze player and I hope this project will be very successful.

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    @mario-bodemann said in FUZE Showcase Gallery - The "Not a Competition" Competition!:

    Just to troll you a bit: Do I need to use tabs?? Two spaces should be more when enough...😁

    Just to continue your troll. Fuze doesn't matter since it has no setting to adjust tabs. So use tabs or spaces. As long as it's spaced out properly then I'm sure we won't care. But for the rest of life, you should always use tabs. I know this is almost like a religious debate, but consider this scenario (it is was very real).

    I worked somewhere a few years back and we needed to go back to an old codebase from the turn of the century (haha! - around 1998). The developer had spaced his code using three spaces for a tab. A very unusual choice by anyone's standards and it caused no end of code reformatting and much swearing ensued. If they had used tabs then they could have set their machine for 3 spaces per tab, and it would have looked the way they wanted, I could have used 4 spaces per tab and you could have used 2. We would all have been happy and blissfully unaware and just got on with coding, or whatever the task at hand.

    To this day, I can't understand why people hate tabs so much. Maybe it's just because I'm old enough to remember when ram and rom cost so much that you needed tabs to save space. But there we are.

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    Done a weekend early! For whomever is interested, feel free to play test once it's approved: A5V63MND1P

    I didn't wind up doing the 3d shop part, I'm going to save that for a totally new game in the future. Barring bug fixes, I'm considering Skatey-Cat to be finished now: it has three overworlds plus corresponding new dungeon types, songs, and enemies, and it's all stitched together with a nice difficulty curve.

    Some of the new content:

  • @Dave I have created a private share solitaire/patience game with the code 9HD63MND1Z it's not completely finished, but I hope I should be able to finish it this weekend.

    Although many Solitaire card games exist, I hope this wouldn't be a copyright issue, because it's Solitaire (just like you wouldn't expect a copyright claim about a chess game). However I really don't know much about international law, so I'm also open to suggestions and feedback in that aspect.

    I am aware that a few things need polishing:

    • I need to detect game finished / game over scenario's and act on them appropriately
    • It needs to be possible to drag a card from the foundation regions (top right regions)
    • Some ideas on improving the user experience if there is time

    I am wondering if it's within the ballpark of getting accepted for the FUZE Player, or if there are concerns with it, that I should pay attention to (code quality / copyrights / etc.).

    I hope I'm not too late to ask about these things :)

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    Just reshared pogo jo with the legal wrap.
    Hopefully it get's in. That would be awesome!!!

  • I've now completed the Patience Solitair game with id 9HD63MND1Z. Would love to have it added to the FUZE Player, so if it would make the cut, I'd like to hear from you guys :D

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    @PB____ Thank you so much for that submission. Excellent program, fantastically written, thoroughly commented, works beautifully. I've got a couple of comments that I will message you privately about - but I think it's fair to say this will be making it into the Showcase Gallery. Congratulations dude :) We'll chat about the changes you want to make too.

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