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  • RE: Another new wip Ninja Run

    @waldron No worries dude. Always here for help if you need!

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  • RE: Another new wip Ninja Run

    @waldron The important part is to make sure that you abide by that structure:

         c = controls(0)
         // any and all controller checking MUST be between these two lines.
         oldc = c

    Feel free to share the program with me privately if you have trouble figuring out the problem.

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  • RE: Another new wip Ninja Run

    @waldron I think this will help. I use this in every single one of my programs, whether or not I even plan to use it right away, because it always ends up being useful.

    I see examples of people using their own structures to store the old button states - this is unnecessary, you simply need to store the whole controls struct.

    Start with these two as global variables:

    c = controls(0)
    oldc = c

    Then in your main loop:

        c = controls(0) // read the new state of the controls and store it into the c variable before you do any control checking
        // game stuff    
        oldc = c   // right before you end your loop, store the state of the controls for that frame into the oldc variable

    With this set up, you can just do this:

    if c.a and !oldc.a then
        // throw dagger
        daggernum -= 1

    The if statement reads: If the A button is pressed, AND it was NOT being pressed on the previous frame, then...

    This means your daggernum variable will only ever decrease by 1 per A button press.

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  • RE: Another new wip Ninja Run

    @waldron Well you certainly do capture some of that magic here without a doubt.

    In terms of the old button states - is there anything I can help with? Any particular troubles?

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  • RE: Another new wip Ninja Run

    Awesome. I see you've used your lovely custom UI overlay too - very nice. This is going to be such a cool project!!

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  • RE: Map collision

    For bouncing off the map, try something like this:

    // Collide your sprite with the map
    collisions = collideMap(my_sprite)
    // If there's a collision...
    if len(collisions) > 0 then
    	// Get the collision resolution (a vector representing how your sprite was pushed out of the map)
    	res = normalize(collisions[0].resolution_a)
    	// Get the current speed of your sprite
    	speed = getSpriteSpeed(my_sprite)
    	// Use reflect on it to determine the new speed, and multiply it by 0.9 so it'll stop bouncing eventually
    	speed = reflect(speed, res) * 0.9
    	// Set the new speed of your sprite
    	setSpriteSpeed(my_sprite, speed)

    Gravity would probably look something like this:

    my_sprite.y_speed += deltaTime() * 30 // You might have to play around with the number here to get the kind of feel you want

    Hope that's able to help!

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  • RE: When using copyImage() on the framebuffer, it captures the previous frame.

    Thanks for the report- We're aware of various issues like this, and I've put this in the log for reference. The short answer is that it has to do with how the drawing instructions for each frame are processed internally, which are not necessarily synchronized with what the program is doing.

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  • RE: My New Game Opening

    Such style. Such class.

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  • RE: The spritesheet for Ansimuz/Portraits is wrong.

    Thank you for reporting this. We're aware of a couple other problems with the new Ansimuz assets.

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  • RE: The great list of game codes

    @jonny_online Some of these programs probably need some minor adjustments to work with the latest patch

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