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  • RE: Fuze Player reviews!

    I'm not going to give my opinion on the review, as a team member I don't think that would be right - but it's worth noting that not everything that goes into the gallery goes in solely on it's merit as a game. The showcase part in "showcase gallery" could be because somethings a technical showcase of how someone has done something particularly well and the code deserves looking at. Well, that's my understanding anyway.

    Point is that reviewing game play alone won't always work. But maybe that's an error on our part and it should be first and foremost about game play and nothing else?

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  • RE: Getting tight timing on music using settimer()

    @toxibunny If possible, could you share some code to reproduce this crash? I'd like to investigate it.

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  • RE: Wireframe Competition Sneak Peeks ..

    That really is an incredible achievement - fair play to you! It's a great idea too, to cover so many game types.

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  • RE: BUG in arrays

    @EvanTropFun Well I obviously didn't!

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  • RE: BUG in arrays

    @EvanTropFun You can declare this in one line in fuze too!

    a = [15, 64, 2]

    The Help tutorial for Arrays does show the first, long method first just for clarity. Below that is a shorthand declaration. Both of the below examples produce the same result:

    Eg 1:

    array answers[4]
    answers[0] = "It is certain!"
    answers[1] = "It does not look good..."
    answers[2] = "You might be in luck!"
    answers[3] = "Definitely not"

    Eg 2:

    answers = [
        "It is certain!",
        "It does not look good...",
        "You might be in luck!",
        "Definitely not"

    This one could be declared on one line too:

    answers = ["It is certain!", "It does not look good...", "You might be in luck!", "Definitely not"]
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  • RE: Enter the FUZE Wireframe Magazine Competition!

    @vinicity There will be an article in Wireframe yes, and after this is released there will be a livestream :)

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  • RE: BUG in arrays

    There is some misunderstanding here I think. I do not think there is a bug here.

    The way you are declaring the array is a shorthand syntax to initialise an array of 3 elements each of which containing an array of 3 defined elements.

    I am confused because your first example should not print a single number. It should print [33,15,-54], since that array of 3 elements is stored in each element of your array called 'a'

    array a[3] = [15, 64, 2]

    This is the same as doing this:

    a = [
        [15, 64, 2],
        [15, 64, 2],
        [15, 64, 2]

    Same applies to the strings. If the first example does indeed only print a single number, then that would be a bug. However, I just tested this on our development build and the retail version and both are working as we'd expect. I'm not sure why you got a readout of just a single number..

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  • RE: A simple question :

    @EvanTropFun your question has already been answered correctly. Not all of the keyboard buttons have chrVal() codes currently, so there is nothing to 'read' for the backspace key at the moment. As I said earlier we will likely improve the keyboard access, but it is not high on our priorities list at the moment. Vinicity's workaround is a great suggestion - use the delete key and give it the functionality you want for backspace.

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  • RE: BUG in arrays

    This does seem like a bug with the array initialization to me

    With the size specified each element of the array seems to contain an array with all 3 elements.

    The following behaves as expected

    a = ["Robert","Evan","Dave"]

    I will report it. Thanks for your report

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