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  • RE: Virtual keyboard input question

    Just wanted to update, this will be addressed in the next patch.

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  • RE: Enhancements for collaborating on projects

    I want to just address these points as they are all valid in various ways - some more than others.

    Part of my job at FUZE is the interoperability between the fuze application and the server, so feedback like this is always useful.

    My replies are ideas only and are not "official" nor do they mean they will be implemented in the next or any future patch to either the main application or the server software.

    With that in mind, here goes!

    @aliendjinn said in Enhancements for collaborating on projects:

    -- A feature to save an update (as a new program) vs overwriting an existing program.
    -- Functionality to help merge or diff changes

    These two are almost the same thing. Something I have been looking at is the ability to version control on the server, so each time you share a project, the previous versions are left intact. Collaboration in my opinion means bigger and better projects and something that I am 100% behind (personally)

    -- Functionality to help manage project images

    Can you elaborate a little on how this is used / might be useful?

    -- Splitting programs into multiple files / modules for easier editing (looked like someone was working on this track in my forum search)

    That's one for another member of the team I think!

    -- A way to import code out of Fuze into another tool for editing / back-up

    We're using a capture card to collaborate (live on screen) but it's like buying a jet fighter to deliver a box vs hiring a moving van.

    Agreed. Although I think it's more like buying DHL to carry a box from your house to next door :)

    Code backups, image backups, and project backups in general are something that has been considered for as long as I can remember but we always have to be mindful that we are currently playing in Nintendo's garden, and we don't want them to take the ball away!

    We've had some good progress recently with the ongoing updates to the catalog pages. Hopefully as more people link their projects to their forum user account we will be able to facilitate better use of the website part of FUZE as more of a useful application.

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  • RE: Thank you Fuze!

    Deserve it you certainly do! Thank you for taking part @SteveZX81 it was a pleasure to play your awesome game!

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  • RE: Weekly High Score Challenge #47

    OK I am terrible at this. I am posting 151 at the first attempt and that was with two holes in one!

    Best score so far: 124 80

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  • RE: Weekly High Score Challenge #46

    4030 5600 6260 best so far

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  • RE: Alex the kid (Fuze Kid)

    This looks lovely! A classic remake.

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  • RE: Competition Live Stream Weekend! 17th-18th July

    Part Two

    Project                Author                   Code          Stream link
    Super Funky Bowling    Scrubz                   NXZZDNNDNP
    Station Z-52           Dinocoder                NXVGKGMD9F
    Retro Time             Joyrider3774             NXQNRDNDXD  
    WHITE OUT              Vinicity                 DWRP3MND5C
    Modulous               SteveZX81                DT6M2MND9D
    Dredge                 Sniperpon Productions    F1Y23MND1P
    Mancala                Melon Kid                NX2XYKFDSG
    Missiles Dogfight      LinkCraft                TTQ73MNDDC   
    __CLEANBOT__BASIC      LucasG1994               NNRW5PND9K
    Parcheesi              Jonathan & Avery Anders  NXYA9HMDS7 
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  • RE: Competition Live Stream Weekend! 17th-18th July

    @pianofire Colin you're a god!

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  • RE: Competition Live Stream Weekend! 17th-18th July

    Part One - Please let me know if you spot any errors/omissions

    Project                Author                   Code          Stream
    Last Worm Creeping     Spikey                   NXK2L5FDN8
    Tycoon Dizzy           AndyG85                  NRZXVMNDXH
    ROBOLINT ARCADIUM      Waldron                  ND6TCNND5U
    ESW                    AndyG85                  HQ4L3MNDXH
    Cosmic Space Horse     Toxibunny                NX2YVVFDS3
    Survive                Waldron                  4PX73MND5U
    Monster Invaders       Doug McFarlane           LXK7U2Y5AN
    Bounce                 Richard                  ZKY73MND5M
    Water Flow             Melon Kid                NXKTCRZDSG
    BAXY                   Isaac & Ffion            NXTHU8NDXR
    BlueAsters2D           IR                       FXC63MND1B
    A Leaf To Sharp        Florin                   NX7T4DNDSV
    Wrong Way Rally        Ben 2.0                  NXTZM9QD5K
    3D Target Practice     Devieus                  NX6G2KKDNZ
    Rock Paper Scissors    Pen and Pixel Party      1HQK3MND5P
    Stairway to Heaven     Monkee                   N5SRANNDHB
    Snowball               Richard                  LNU23MND5M

    You will have to cut and paste the links as I can't get them to work

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  • Competition Livestream today & tomorrow! Starts 4PM BST!

    Hey folks! Come and hang out with me today while we go through the awesome competition entries and showcase them on stream!

    I'll be starting at 4PM BST (In about 3 hours time). Come find me here:

    Hope to see you there!

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