FUZE GAME JAM #3: 29th - 31st May

  • Fuze Team

    Hey folks! Hope everyone is keeping well.

    It's about time we did another game jam :)

    I'm getting a livestream setup worked out. Please feel free to throw some theme ideas in the comments, I'll be confirming the chosen theme on Friday 29th - then you'll have 48 hours as usual to come up with some awesome ideas!

    Hope to hear from you below. Take it easy!

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    Can’t wait! This will be so much fun!

    Theme ideas:
    Death is not the end
    Running out of space
    1 vs 100
    Player is hungry
    Fast & slow

  • F

    Theme idea's
    :non- frog related content

  • F

    Yay I love these but I can only think of ideas that I have programs for so I’ll keep quiet for this part

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    Awesome! I do hope the fuze devs/support guys enter this too. The more the merrier!

    as for theme ideas, I'm crap with ideas but off the top of my head:-

    Lost in Space
    it's all balls
    Gravity is a b....
    Must go deeper

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    Yes!! Theme ideas:

    Good vs Evil
    One colour only (you can use different shades of said colour)
    You are the villain
    Stuck in a loop
    60 seconds

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    :Showing what is fuze for you(you could use this to show on the fuze website)
    : time

  • Exciting. Looking forward to it.

    Theme ideas:
    How do I stop this thing?!
    Its so slippery

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