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    I came up with a story for the game, it will be about a guy rescuring a girl from an evil and unexpected villain, it will have an initial kind of plot twist from whitch the story starts out.

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    Ah, the classic storyline! Looking forward to seeing your twist on it. I'm sure the protagonist will be quite the... character ;)

    Will be downloading this and having a go at some point today!

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    @Dave note that it's in a pretty early stage of development and the controls are really bad at the moment and also the collision system has a bug in a specific case, this bug allows you to clip inside some objects.

    Reguarding the story:

    The characters and their world including the villan are all elements which came from a word processor program, and everything takes place inside the world processor, the main character has the ability of going inside the worlds narrated by the storyes written inside the world processor, and all the storyes are like the kingdomes in super mario odissey, the protagonist has to fix the story to progress to the next one, at the end he will face the villan who messed up all the storyes and kidnapped his crush. My idea for the storyes's worlds is to have a main storyline which is rpg like with occasional shut em up missions (with a top down prospective rather than a side view) and with sidequests inlucing some text recreation of simple arcade games.

    It's all still in an early stage and i am still working on the story but i have a clear idea about what i want inside of it as the main elements of the story. Now i have to think about the small storyes and characters and also all the quests and missions to accomplish to fix a story.

    This is the idea for the pc game, for the switch game i don't think i will put this mutch stuff in it, maybe just a single story to fix and then the final boss, with all the simple arcade games recreations.

    One of the other ideas was to have the combact system in the rpg fights and the weapons switching in the shoot em up sections to work using the features of the world processor, for example you can change the font of a text enemy to make it weaker or using features such as copy and pase to defeat an enemy.

    Ideas are many and my dream is to develop a fully featured game for pc and mac (and dos) and sell it on steam and on the app store, and also to have something like a reduced shareware version as a demo on fuze.

    For now fuze is great to prototype and experiment because i don't have to worry about memory management and optimizing ram usage as mutch

    That because my main development target for pc now is dos, i managed to fit enought things inside the conventional memory and in fact i am treating the switch version as a port of the dos version, so you can see where i am kind of with the dos version for now, the only thing it does better at the moment is having a larger map since i am limited by the segmentation on dos, so the swsitch version has a map twice as large for now, the dos version is limited at 256 * 256 tiles while the switch version for now is set to 512 * 256 tiles, each tile is represented into the map as a 16 bit integer and in fuze is just a large integers array, in dos it's splitted into 2 memory segments and to draw a character on screen i need to use some assembly into the c code to make it fast enought.

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    And i just restarted development over the dos/pc port of the game, i wasn't happy about how messy the old one was, the new ons is just mutch cleaner and simple to read, now it's quite early in development, i just worked on it a couple of days, i just made the basic engine, and i am tryng to get the memory managment for tiles to work since the old dos/pc port lacked tiles entirely.

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    I know you want some footage, so here it is some footage of the C port which can be compiled for windows/mac/linux because it's completely portable, and, using a special makefile on linux will make it compile to a dos com file for 386 compatible cpus, for now here it is some footage of it on macOS using the ncurses library

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    News with the c game, i am making progress to make it on pair with what i made for the switch, here it is a screenshot of the structures being added to it.

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    Whoa, you're making a Megazeux game in Fuze! Sweet :D

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    So after having spent some months perfecting the C version of the game I have decided to restart from scratch on the switch version (also because the old version was very broken), so here is the new game engine from scratch which takes advantage of the new features in fuze, I have implemented some features from the C version like the Pac-Man effect on the map and the way tiles are managed, now I am working to port all the features I have the C game and make some assets, here is a video of the new engine in action:

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    Great that you started working on this again. Looking forward to the game!

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    New update, after dealing with wired bugs with the character format in strings i finally managed to add support for map structures, now i need to work out some bugs (like the grass tiles inside the house) but so far it's looking good

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