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  • Hello everyone,

    I was thinking about an Engine, where I can spawn units wich have their own mind and act on their own. These units will March towards enemy base and automatically fight when they reach an enemy or building.

    I want to keep this simple and 2D, maybe a lane battle will be good at first and then later on it can be expanded.

    To store a unit type I would use a vector,

    Vector type = {unit, attack type, rank}

    Units would be stored in an array of 10 units per player max.

    I would need a Subroutine that sorts out free slots in that array and fills them up if a unit is spawned. If a unit is killed the slot for that unit gets cleared.

    There would be a rock paper scissors principle for unit and attack types.

    Infantry, vehicles, aircraft
    Bullets, rockets, bombs

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    @Mechanical like a tower defense game that would be a awesome, not been done on Fuze yet

  • On paper this sounds simple, but there are a few steps I never did before. By example defining units action types, for starters there are just 2 actions, move and attack.

    I need to let the unit decide by itself if it wants to move or attack, and select a valid target. Infantry couldn't shoot bullets at aircraft for example

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    @Mechanical that's probably why its not been done yet ;)

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