FUZE GAME JAM #6: 27th - 30th August THEME ANNOUNCED!

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    Submitted mine, but I didn't put enough attention into the ending before I ran short on time.

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    When Dave is so confused he looks scared

  • This Game Jam has been great! Great job to you all for your games! And, really, great job offering each other encouraging comments in the side chat! It makes it very fun to participate in these!

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    Full list:

    Chompsville				NXK7827M8F		DK
    Lots O Slime				9U1M3MNDDC		LinkCraft
    Slime Jump!				NXK7CPUTNF		Pobtastic
    GamJame					NXKFVVHMX9		Ben
    UntitledBlobGame			NXKFBNFH9D		SteveZX81
    Mutant Space Blobs Game Jam 6		NXK92MKBS3		toxibunny
    Green Whale				NXKKCGYD9L		Gothon
    Monsta Crystal				NXK996FD1Y		Jongjungbu
    Board.Block.Stenthy.Socks		NXK63UQD5U		WALDRON
    Spin Cycle				NXKQVSKDHB		DaddyJDM		
    Who's laughing now			N1HFFNND11		CasualTie5
    Control - GameJam 6			ND5EAMND51		Louis Abery
    Welcome to Earth			N67LXMNDXR		Isaac age 9
    Slimy Cravings				XMDP2MND1Z		@PB____
    Slimey Sock race			D8B43MNDSL		James Morris
    Sock Man				Y1263MND5M		Richard

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    @pianofire Nice one dude. That's perfect!

  • Each one of the game jams have been special, but this stream was outstandingly unforgettable!
    I do really feel honored to be part of such a community

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    I just shared a new version of FUZE FIT ADVENTURE (version 1.1).
    (Still pending...)

    Fixed some bugs, tightened up the controls and made the enemies appear more often during the last part of the song.

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    ...and it's now live! Everyone who had downloaded the old version should update!

  • I've just shared an update on Slimy Cravings:

    • reduced the game speed a little, so it doesn't feel as frantic to get the speed boost :)
    • AI-slimes now also evaluate sock-positions in their decision
    • You're now growing or shrinking compared to the average size of all slimes (to feel motivated to progress)

    Unfortunately it seems random bugs start to appear once you play for a while or get a lot of slimes on the field. So don't get overly emotionally invested in your progress if you reach that point 😐

    I don't plan to continue working on this game in the near future, but wanted to improve some of the things that didn't go smooth before the deadline.

  • I'm not allowed to edit my own post in this threat, so I double post: I couldn't resist to fix the remaining issues, so I've submitted an update.

    I think the new version (1.0.3) is stable, and the AI has been improved much, so if you liked the game idea, but were annoyed by the bugs (especially in 1.0.2), then i recommend to download the update, once it's approved.

    In case I've more to tell about the "Slimy Cravings" project in the future, I'll do that in it's own threat:

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    When is game jam 7?
    Or has this new update made everyone busy

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