Dizzy 4 Fuze

  • I’ve now shared my “Dizzy 4 Fuze” program: 5G261NNDXH

    It’s basically my Dizzy game cut right down to just the “engine” and a few example puzzles. There’s a clear divide between the engine and game, and there are clear annotations to show you what to do. There’s also a pretty healthy sprites sheet, so people can dive right into making a Dizzy game!

    There’s a free program called DizzyAGE (Adventure Game Engine) which is pretty popular with first-time coders, despite the steep learning curve. And most Dizzy fans want to see some Switch action! So hopefully this will entice some more people over to Fuze.

    If anyone wants to work on / improve the program, they’re more than welcome. It’s far from perfect right now - but it does do the job :D.

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