Weekly High Score Challenge #3

  • Fuze Team

    @vinicity Did notice but didn't get the connection! Wow I used to absolutely love Zoo Keeper on the DS as a kid..

  • F

    Me too! Such a cracking game! That is also the inspiration for the six minute Time Attack mode in SLB.

  • I’m late to the party this week and my first try at this game. It’s nice and therapeutic, although I’m not very good. It’s very smart! I like the rumble feature and how the high scores are saved.

  • F

    @AndyG1985 Thank you for the kind words!

  • So far my highest score in this game was 27.

  • I’ve been playing this a lot this weekend but can’t match Richard. This weekly challenge has been a good idea because I think this game would have passed me by otherwise - and it’s really good!
    It’s the kind of game you’d buy for 99p on the eShop and then end up playing more than the big-budget titles. Like all addictive games (Subs too) it’s deceptively difficult - you always start with a plan and are confident you won’t be beaten this time, and it always goes out the window!

  • F

    Dudes, I tell you I was brilliant in classic mode. But on expert I got 11, although very motivated to do better, I am running out of time. I enjoyed playing it, thank you for making this very relaxing, nice game @vinicity !
    Some nice impressions below, my highest score game, was not worthy a video.

  • I got a 5x combo! Then four 2x combos and I was in the 90s. Then I realised I was in classic mode. The crestfalling was severe.

  • Fuze Team

    I got 10, so not worth worrying about again

  • F

    The results are in for the third weekly High Score Challenge.
    This is the hall of fame for Super LASER BLAST, expert mode:

    1. Richard - 86
    2. Dave - 81
    3. vinicity - 79
    4. pianofire - 75
    5. waldron - 71
    6. AndyG1985 - 52
    7. SteveZX81 - 46
    8. PB____ - 27
    9. DaddyJDM - 27
    10. spikey - 11
    11. Martin - 10
    12. toxibunny - 7

    Congratulations to Richard! He truly is a first-rate Laser Blaster! Well done!

    A big thank you to everyone who participated. Stay tuned for challenge #4.

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