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    In the touch screen game Pumpkin Shooter missed pumpkins return, if you missed them, so you get another chance. I like that.

  • @vinicity I resubmitted it because there was one minor thing left that I wanted to fix

    so maybe it needs to be approved again before anyone can download it

  • @nintisonfire in case you worry about being too slow at coding for a Gamejam, I can only tell you that you're getting faster with every game you make. So while it might be challenging for you to make a complete Game Jam entry, I'd surely like to see a game of yours on the next one!

  • @CasualTie5 Thank you for your kind words!

  • Fuze Team

    And it's very worth scaling things back for these game jams - at least initially. That's something I struggle with but the reality is that 48 hours is not a lot of time so I try to force myself to think short, probably party-like game. Expand as you improve / speed up!

    [edit] Just to add, it's surprising how fun the shorter, simpler games can turn out to be!

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    @Martin This feels like the key point: think short. And probably I will have to adapt my ideas to my rush-coding skills, the media library is just to tempting, but I will try this strategy next

    • two sprites,
    • no scrolling, -> I lost time here
    • setMode(720,1080), -> to avoid scaling efforts
    • 3 sounds,
    • D-Pad control only,
    • and one highscore file entry.
      do you have other suggestions like this, to get to a complete game in a few hours?

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    For me, it has been important to go with just one idea, and then to stay focused on realising that very idea. (And then, if time permits, add more stuff in the end.)

    I am very much impressed with for instance @waldron, who juggles like five ideas (his latest had rhythmic blackouts, quiz game, riddles, enemies to avoid, scary effects, etc.) in one game, something I could never complete in such short time.

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    @vinicity Cheers, Games jams are a great chance to go crazy with new idea's and not worry to much about setting 20 if statements to get your idea to work ;) and it helps being in a community you can feel at ease with.

  • Sad to have missed this one! I've been so busy I'm only hearing about it now. Hope to enter the next one!

  • ..OK I've actually watched it now and I'm doubly sad, I think this may have been the best one yet. The hole in the basket and the "music player" both made me laugh, and Shadows in the Dark looks very promising - reminds me a little of Limbo. Oh, and the title screen for Waldron's game was fantastic!

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