Monster Invaders!

  • Working on an entry for the Wireframe Competition. I thought I'd try to create a Space Invaders clone in 3D.

    Share Code: LXK7U2Y5AN

    Wasn't sure how to include a screen shot, so just used my phone!


    I get occasional crashes after playing a few levels.
    And I see an weird glitch / flash every few seconds. Like something is clipping the camera.
    Looking into these bugs still.

    Might pretty up the title screen more, as I'm only using text effects now.
    I might have to adjust the increasing level difficulty as it gets hard fast.
    But it is pretty much fully playable as it is now.

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    Looks great!

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    Wow, that looks amazing.

  • Added a hand drawn pixely font (and the code to display it).
    Updated the FontPrint routine to use DrawQuad() to allow colouring of the text.
    Toying with some easing functions (ie. the name bounce at the start).

    I haven't see it crash in awhile, so hope that's fixed.

    Share Code: LXK7U2Y5AN

    Main Menu:

    Game Play:

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    That look great :D

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    Wow that main menu alone is real eye candy! And Space Invaders in 3D is a stroke of genius imo (considering the idea of the game is that these ships are approaching the player... it makes perfect sense to visualize that threat by showing the layout in 3D)
    Awesome work

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