Spit screen 3D Output?

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    Anyone have ideas on how this could be done? Im guessing setCamera would need the ability to draw to two different viewports?
    Anything fancy that could be done with setDrawTarget?

    Thinking about games like Goldeneye / Mario Kart 64/ etc

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  • Implementation would be different depending on what you're drawing though.

    In 2D you can specifically draw individual things (for example by using drawSprite(sprite) in stead of drawSprites())

    In 3D you have a one 3D world that is drawn by calling drawObjects(). This makes sence, because how objects are drawn, is depending on light, camera position, and other objects. So you'd have to build a mechanism with placeObject and removeObject between the different draw targets.

    So in short: The idea of a draw target per screen section should work, but what you need to do between drawing to those targets, is different from 2D.

  • In case both players are in the same environment (like Mario Kart) then of course it may be enough to just change the camera between drawing to the draw target :)

    I didn't yet create a 3D game, so I was a bit slow with that, sorry :)

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