FUZE Player Project Submission - Important Information

  • Fuze Team

    The required standard means the following terms and conditions must be met:

    If it is a game, It must be complete in that it should have a title or introduction, a working gameplay, an objective and an ending.
    It should include a title screen clearly mentioning you, the author by name or handle and or logo.

    It should not be of an overly violent nature. This is not to say it cannot be, but entries may be rejected if not suitable for a broad age group.
    It must not contain sexual references graphical or otherwise.
    It must not present disability, ethnicity, gender or the LGBTQ+ community in a derogatory context.
    Submissions must not contain content or references that could be deemed as incitement of hatred or violence toward any group demographic or individual person.

    It must not contain copies of other works either, code, graphical or audio. It can be a tribute to other games but must not replicate them entirely.

    It should be commented throughout and provide explanations for key functions.

    Comments and explanations must be in English. We are very happy to help the creator to make this possible.

    It should use relevant variable and function names where possible. This is not to say we will only accept player_x_axis_position += player_x_axis_velocity, something like plrPos += plrVel is fine.

    To be clear - we want to avoid instances of random or completely unrelated variable names. For single-letter variables that aren't standard (x or y for example) or slightly more cryptic variable names, this will be accepted if there is sufficient explanation in a comment.

    It should be well spaced and use either tabs or 2 spaces to indent loops, conditional statements and function definitions.

    You must agree in writing to FUZE Technologies Ltd that you understand there are no financial rewards or other monetary gains expected and that none shall be claimed in the future unless a separate agreement is negotiated and agreed by both parties.

    You agree to grant FUZE Technologies Ltd the non-exclusive rights to distribute and publish the entire works within the FUZE environment on any hardware platform this may be available on, and on the FUZE Arena website. This assignment will not be unreasonably withdrawn and absolutely not withdrawn without 90 days prior notice in writing.

    You agree to allow FUZE Technologies Ltd to promote the FUZE platform and products using images and or videos taken from the submission for marketing and presentation purposes.

    It must contain, or you agree for us to add, the following license agreement:
    “Title / Date / Author (your name)
    The code hereunder and associated artwork and audio created by (your name) may not be redistributed outside of the FUZE environment by the end user without permission of (your name). Use contact@fuze.co.uk for enquiries. Any graphical and audio content taken from the FUZE media library is covered by the license referred to in the author’s FUZE dedicated media folder.”

    The decision to include or not include a program is made at the discretion of FUZE Technologies Ltd and is final.

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