Circular torchlight effect ?

  • Hi all,
    This is my first post. my apologies if this topic has been explained somewhere already.
    I recently saw in someone's program a circular torchlight effect in a platform game (Blind Fury by Andy Waldron) and wondered how I might go about creating a similar effect?

    e.g. Was a template used or is it to do with the circle's opacity?


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    @Merc1973 HI, by all means download the game and use the code. i Managed the effect with a sprite drawn after the player sprite, you can do this in 2 ways load the player image then the "spot light" image or drawsprite(player) then drawsprite(spotlight).its just a matter of loading in sprites.i created the spotlight in the image editor i created a tiled image of 20 frames/cells of black squares with circles punched out with some filled to give the opacity effect which are animated.

    Not sure how new you are to coding in general but if you want me to comment in the program to describe better im happy to do so :)

  • @waldron Hi,and many thanks for the reply. Ahh i see. I have done some simple coding in the past and have already written a few small programs in Fuze, nothing too complicated though. I used to use STOS basic on my Atari STE years ago and I want to try to get back into it using Fuze.

    I will have a go at the way you mentioned. If I need any more help I'll let you know. Thanks.

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    @Merc1973 i think a better way would be to set an image to the screen instead. because the way i did it i had to add in sprite movement to the spotlight as well as the sprites either side to act as collision. setting it to the screen would be a lot simpler.

  • @waldron One of my first idea's was whether it was an image, or you had 'somehow' used a circle command. It didn't occur to me at first the spotlight was a sprite. Sorry if I sound like a noob at all lol

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    @Merc1973 don't apologise mate we're all here to help each other

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