Fuze UPDATE : June 2020

  • Fuze Team

    We're half way through 2020 now, time for an update.

    As we will all be very aware the year has been a strange one so far, the likes of which most of us will never have seen before and this has had an impact on quite literally every aspect of peoples lives. Sadly F4NS has been no exception. The Covid-19 situation continues to have an impact as everyone still has to maintain social distancing and this means everyone in this industry still working from home. Not just us but also our partners across the globe.

    As most will know the next major event for Fuze will be the release of the free Fuze Player. Nothing is ever certain until it is actually out and I can say little more than that, but the Player is in the approval process and we as much as anyone hope that it will see the light of day very soon. I know we've been saying this for a while but there has been the odd hiccup and the remote working is just causing everything to take longer. Honestly, it could be any day! (or of course not)

    The good news is that the player includes a LOT of fixes to the Fuze code base and while some of these are specific to Player a lot of them also improve the next release of F4NS so hot on the release of Player will be patch 2.15. Yes, we're finally fixing that odd numbering! As soon as Player is out we will do a final round of testing and then F4NS patch 2.15 will be submitted.

    We are aware that some people are having a lot of issues with the image and map editors. We don't like this any more than you do. This is actively being worked on right now along with a list of other items that we consider to be critical and the intention is to then work on a series of smaller bug fix releases. v2.15.1, v2.15.2 and so on. We hope these will each come in a much shorter time frame. They won't fix everything that everyone needs fixing but we are listening and we have another big release up our sleeves that should put us in a pretty strong position. Watch this space on that one...

    So for now, keep safe everyone and we look forward to welcoming you to the Fuze Player very shortly.

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