Multiplayer Joy-cons "Sideways" mode

  • Does Fuze support joy-cons in "sideways" mode?

    I'm working on a multiplayer game and I would like to use the left joycon for player 1 (controls[0]) and the right joycon for player 2 (controls[1]). However, every time I run my game the system automatically syncs the joycons back together.

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    You have to do the conversion of the angles yourself. So for example for player one on the left joy con, use controls(0), add 90 degrees to the left analogue input and map out the other buttons sideways.

    For player two also use controls(0), subtract 90 degrees to the right stick, etc.

    Unfortunately, it means that you can’t use L and R when having the joy con sideways.

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    There is a nice example of this in the game jam entry called Driver!

  • Thank you for your advice! I assume separating joycons is not possible due to the use of the + button to exit games.

    I am implementing your suggestions and it seems to be working as intended. Thanks again!

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