How to convert from sRGB to FUZE Linear RGB

  • For anyone wanting to know how to convert from sRGB to FUZE Linear RGB
    First get the sRGB values and calculate each part separately.

    So if the R value is 200 we first convert to the Fuze 0-1 scale by dividing 200 by 255

    200/255 = 0.784313 (rounded)

    Next we have to see if the number we got is less than 0.04045. If it is we divide our number by 12.92

    In our case the number is not less than 0.04045 so we do the other calculation.
    First we add 0.055

    0.784313 + 0.055 = 0. 839313

    Then we divide by 1.055

    1. 839313 / 1.055 = 0.795557 (rounded)

    Lastly we take our number to the power of 2.4 x to the power of y

    0.795557 to the power of 2.4 = 0.577579

    (the forum won't let me use superscript so imagine 0.795557 superscript 2.4, it's the X superscript Y button on a calculator)

    After repeating the process for G and B you will have the FUZE linear RGB value.

    The calculation used are from the sRGB transform library.

  • F

    Someone should program a calculator for this

  • I found an online calculator If you put the sRGB values on the first line, the third line (sRGB [0,1]) will have the linear RGB values. The second line is the non-linear (just dividing by 255) but you don't want that.

  • Fuze Team

    Of course you could just write a function in Fuze to do it

  • Fuze Team


    Wrote that months ago when I first discovered that Fuze RGB was actually an sRGB colour space and not really RGB. Should have made more noise about it then by the looks of it.

    It includes functions to go in whichever direction you choose and displays the values of all Fuze Colours so you can use them in or out of Fuze.

  • Fuze Team

    In Fuze...

    function Fuze2RGB(x)
    return int(pow(x, 1 / 2.2) * 255)
    function RGB2Fuze(x)
    return pow(1 / 255 * x, 2.2)

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