Problems with collisions

  • Hi im relativaly new to fuze so im trying to use
    Collide sprites to make like moving walls to stop the player so i tried this

    wall = loadimage(wall0)
    plr = loadimage(player)
    collision = false
    plr_y = 300
    plr_x = 400
    plrspd = 5
      C = controls(0)
      //player commands and location of plr and wall
      collision = detectspritecollision(plr, wall)
      If !collision then
        collidesprites(plr, wall)

    then when i runned the program and the player just walked through the wall is this a bug or is something missing?

  • as far as I understand the collision functions, collideSprites() returns collision data, but not anything beyond that (that is, you'll have to write code that stops the player, like setting a speed variable to 0)
    edit: ok so it does stop the player as soon as you use the right parameters, didn't know about that

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    Hi if you just want the collision so it stops the player the collidesprites has this inbuilt already.
    collide = collidesprites(sprite, wall) , true , false )
    if you wanted to have more effects to happen after that you would use detectspritecollision using an if statement(something..something happens) ect which i would be happy to go into more detail but for now that will do what your after.

  • Thanks for helping me for me collisions are very dificult to understand i will check if that works thanks a lot :)

  • my player still pass through the wall :P

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    Once you have collided sprites, you could use the resolution vectors to do extra effects.
    This is what I did for moving platforms you walk on. But note that collidesprites will only stop the player if you're using setSpriteSpeed(), whereas setSpriteLocation() can actually override this (at least temporarily).

    collide = collidesprites(player.sprite, platform.sprite, true, false )
    if collide.exists then // collision happened between the two
    if collide.resolution_a.x>0 then // it pushed the player to the right
    // do something

  • Hmm maybe the problems im having with collisions is because i have sprite speed and and sprite location at the same time

  • Ok after a bit i found that the wall location need to be out of the loop to be honest i don't know why it won't work with both locations in the loop :P

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    What do you mean by wall location in the loop?

  • The setspritelocation(wall,625,550) but it collides but like a moveble box instead of a place you can't pass it is weird how collisions work is anygame out there that works the map with collidesprites()
    instead of collidemap or collidemaparea to see if i can learn how can i do what i want with my game =/

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    When you use collideSprites(), make sure you set 3rd or 4th argument values to 'false' or it will be a movable box.
    For instance,
    collideSprites( player, wall, false, false)
    The default I believe is for those two 'false' arguments to be 'true'. When the first is true, then the player will be moved. When the second is true, then the wall can be moved.
    When both are 'false', then neither can push one another, but they also can't pass through each other.

  • In my game when both are false the player passes through the wall idk what to do now :P

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    Is your player movement code via setSpriteLocation() or setSpriteSpeed()?
    Where is your collideSprites() sitting? This should come shortly after your movement code, in my experience.

  • Setspritelocation i removed the setspritespeed and i placed the colidesprites before the player movement code let me test is changing the place of the colidesprites can change the problem
    Edit: still don't working :P

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    I have found setSpriteLocation() can override the collision. When using that function, I need to instead detectSpriteCollision(), I think that's the right one, and then move the player myself if detected. It won't naturally block him from moving.

    If using setSpriteSpeed() then follow it with collideSprites(), it will naturally block the player from moving.

  • But i think with the setspritespeed i can't make playet controls so i probably will need search a bit to find how to use the detectspritecollision :P
    But thanks that helps me a lot and probably in future fuse updates see if is possible correct that problem with the sprite location and sprite colision

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    I think that works as intended. You have one way, where Fuze detects and you code the effects. Maybe you want to bounce the player or teleport him. The other is use Fuze built-in effect of blocking pathing.

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    @landein207 i think its just a matter of getting used to how you set out code, il be less busy tomorrow if you wanted me to share a program demonstrating how to work with collision ?

  • Yes plz that may help me

  • Ok i was testing the controls with setspritespeed instead of setspritelocation the collision works but the movement looks like sliding in ice.
    how can i avoid that effect in the movement?

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