Genial Chess VS.

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    Fuze 2.15 fixed the crash problems I had with my chess program, which means that I can finally release it.

    This is the two player version of Genial Chess. If all goes according to plan I will release a new version which lets you play against the computer some time later this year.

    I have tried my best to get my game to adhere to all the official chess rules. I even included an in-game rules explainer!

    Features in version 1.02:

    • Two player chess using either vertical joy-cons/pro controllers, split joy-cons, or full touchscreen controls.
    • Settings menu to turn on/off music and rumble.
    • 14 page in-game rules explainer.
    • Official chess rules including checkmate, stalemate, castling, en passant, pawn promotion, insufficient material check, threefold repetition check, fifty-move rule, seventy-five move rule, resigning, and draw proposals.
    • Full on-screen algebraic notation.
    • Fireworks for the winner.

    Share ID: 1YS23MND5C

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    Also, I would like to officially nominate Genial Chess VS. to the Showcase Gallery.

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    Looks like it’s had a lot of time and care put into it!

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