FUZE Beginner's Booklets - Download Here!

  • Fuze Team

    These booklets are a great introduction to using F4NS and some basic projects. They have a slightly more easy on the eyes look to them since they were made initially as supplements to our holiday workshops. Going forward, these will be added to and create a compendium of attractive, colourful booklets chock full of awesome projects.

    If you're feeling lost for a place to start - take a look through these!



    After seeing some appreciation for the FUZE free beginner booklets and some lamenting the fact they aren't easily visible here, I decided to pin a post with the links. Hope they're useful!

  • F

    These are really nice. You should have them translated to every possible language to maximize the reach!

  • This is very intresting(even for ppl that already started but want exemples but i will be honest translanting is a good idea but not totaly good if the plan is use google translator because the translations 100% perfect but i have to admit it, nice job

  • I don't know if you even considered translating these, but I'm sure there are many people on the Arena that would happily translate them on a voluntary basis

    (My native language, for instance, is German, and I would do it for sure )

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