Fuze Player reviews!

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    No but to be fair it doesn't say anywhere that they were gamejam games

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    great review the guy has 2.4K subscribers to so plenty of reach

  • @waldron Agreed! I really liked this one. He took the time to play each game and learn how they all worked, and he gave some constructive feedback.

    It’s interesting what he said about Parasail Pat - I never even considered it could be multiplayer! Surely that would make it too easy, but who knows? A good example of how your work is open to interpretation.

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    @AndyG1985 yeah it's great especially if he doe's follow up reviews ! we provide the content he provides the reach nice cycle of events.

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    This post is deleted!

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    All the games are great in my opinion :)

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    Updated review with the new games:

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    @vinicity you did it you blew his mind! -Applauds-

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    I'm not going to give my opinion on the review, as a team member I don't think that would be right - but it's worth noting that not everything that goes into the gallery goes in solely on it's merit as a game. The showcase part in "showcase gallery" could be because somethings a technical showcase of how someone has done something particularly well and the code deserves looking at. Well, that's my understanding anyway.

    Point is that reviewing game play alone won't always work. But maybe that's an error on our part and it should be first and foremost about game play and nothing else?

  • @Martin
    My contribution to the discussion is a bit out of the way but I think if makes the point:

    I was looking through the comments of a YouTube video from the channel 8-Bit Show and Tell 2 about a recently released game for the Commodore 64.

    There were, by and large, two types of commenters. Those that remember playing games on the C64 who were simply saying the game looks like a nice chill out game to play.

    The other group of commenters were those who spent time programming their C64 either in BASIC, Machine Language or both who were discussing how the game was coded in regards to the use of Sprites and parallax scrolling - they were understanding the game at a deeper level.

    I think this is true of how people will receive the Fuze Player. Predominantly, people use the Switch to play games and without any programming knowledge, tend to have unrealistically high expectations.

    As a musician pointed out to me about someone who criticised my guitar playing - the harshest critics are those with the least talent.

    I thought all the entries are superb and way better than anything I could come up with. Being an entry level programmer means I am going to be one of those who can appreciate the entries reviewed in those videos at a deeper level than those who merely play games.

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