Weekly High Score Challenge #32

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    This week we will play an another entry from Fuze Game Jam 9:

    Correct Change
    by @Richard

    Link here!
    Download code: EM463MND5M

    The challenge will be to sell as many games as possible for as much money as possible.

    The time frame for posting high scores starts now and ends Sunday, April 18, at 9pm CET.

    The rules for the challenge can be found in the first challenge here. Good luck, everyone!

  • My current score is 15 items for 23.84, and 2.10 in donations to Richard.

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    Thanks for picking my game.
    My best so far is:
    17 items for £25.20 with no donations.

  • This is going to sound daft but I thought one had to sign up to Nintendo’s multiplayer thing to download fuze games.

    I tried Richard’s game just on the off chance as it’s a mental maths exercise (so not just a game) and was pleased to find it worked.

    Kudos to the Fuze Team!

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    @NextWithoutFor so, what’s your best score?

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    I’m really terrible at this. I blame my unfamiliarity with British coins!

    Best so far: £9.57 with 8 items sold.

  • @vinicity
    I am not very good at quick mental maths which is why I am pleased to be able to play Correct Change. I usually “play” Change Maker off the net.

    My best profit was £10.60p for 7 items. (Av £1.51)

    My most items sold was 9 items for £10.19. (Av £1.13)

    Edit: 9 items £17.28 with 0 donations (atv =£1.92 the best atv I have managed so far)

    Then 12 items £14.75 with 0 donations (atv =£1.29)

    Edit 2. 13 items £14.73 0 donations (atv £1.13).

    14 items £14.02 donations £2.

    I think I am going to change the prices of the items to make sure I am doing the maths and not relying on muscle memory, so I will not be adding any more submissions to this post.

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    I got 15 items for £20.82, with no donations. It gets easier once you start to memorize the buttons to push.

  • Fuze Team

    My best is 16 items for £23.74, no donations

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    I'm terrible at this great game! my best is 13 items for £22.62 with £1.24 donations.

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    @NextWithoutFor if you're going to change the prices so it's all about the maths, I'd suggest making them random.

  • Late to starting, but I'll log: 7 items, £11.96, £0.00 donation. Good job with your game!

  • @Richard
    That’s a good point.

    I haven’t done anything yet. I figured I could first alter the prices so that the average across all of them is the same as they are now - as a maths exercise. That way the prices would be different and the high score would still be comparable.

    I was thinking I could get some more millage out if this fabulous game by introducing a percentage sale thing. So it works the same but sometimes says something like “Sale off marked price X%” so one has to deduct the percentage from the price. The type of percentage dictated by a level setting, easy 10, 20, 50%, medium 15, 25, 75% and hard 17.5% and random number generated.

    Have to work out if my programming ability is up to it first. At least if I accidentally break the game I can simply re-download a fresh copy.

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    The results are in for High Score Challenge #32.
    This is the hall of fame for Correct Change:

    1. Richard - £25.20. 17 items
    2. Dinocoder - £23.84, 15 items
    3. Kat - £23.74, 16 items
    4. SteveZX81 - £22.62, 13 items
    5. Gothon - £20.82, 15 items
    6. NextWithoutFor - £17.28, 9 items
    7. DaddyJDM - £11.96, 7 items
    8. vinicity - £9.57, 8 items

    Congratulations, Richard. Change is your middle name!
    A big thank you to everyone who participated. Stay tuned for challenge #33.

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