3D First person skybox methods

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    Hi All, I'm currently working on a 3D demo that uses multiple cameras (isometric, fixed tracking and first person) and need some help!

    I have the 3D scene setup correctly, input and maths doing its magic and would like to now create a custom skybox.. I'm a fan of gradients so having a level of control over the color/gradient/tint of this would be amazing

    Here are some of the methods I have tried so far:

    • Create a cube, set the scale to be much larger than the player object, have the cube position fixed against the player location | Outcome: *the drawObject function appears to only draw the "outside" of a 3D object - setting the camera "inside" an object appears to intentionally not draw the objects inner surface *
    • Use the createBox() function and create a box half the size of the screen with a nice gradien | Outcome: This works as long as nothing sits higher than half the screen height.. the drawing only works if placed after the 3D "drawObjects" function , placing this before appears to perform a clearscreen, I guess this is expected behaviour as it's a 2D method?

    Open to any suggestions! I'll post a video of examples of the above later

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    Did you try placing 6 flat boxes on every side like walls in a room?

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    @LinkCraft02 Was thinking about doing this too! Haven't tried it yet as I'm not sure how to texture or apply a gradient to a box object yet...

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    Hi @Tratax! We'll be adding some dedicated skybox functions in the next patch. You might want to hold out for them!

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    Hey @Dave, That's awesome! Can't wait to give this a try

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    Here's my very hacky 2D skybox!

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