The first look of the interpretor

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    I know it looks bad but its only the beginning EOq324SUcAADmzM.jpg
    And i never wrote an interpretor in my entire life so if you have any ideas feel free to say.

    code NXE269QD9Q

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    Only want to say anyone can download reashare and do what ever he or she likes with it except making money you dont have to add my name if you reshare or something like this

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    So hello guys i did some work on the parser maybe you guys can help me a bit
    if you have any suggestions feal free to make changes or suggest.


    ![alt text](EQHG2-9UEAAdqkf.jpg image url)

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    Thanks to the whole fuze team and the community for helping me i know i sometimes bother you guys with my to big suggestions.But you guys are Heros on programming i mean both the community and the fuze team.Never thought that there is a Team of nintendo devs who are so nice and want to help.I know you cant implement anything because of your ressources.If you dont understand me because of my bad school english i only want to say thanks to all of you

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    Quick update.As long there is no exec it will be very different to run python code.but i will try my best

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    So today i aded some data types its pending but here is what i made EQMgOYgVUAAM3Gm.jpg

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    for anyone who wants to download it here is the code NXE269QD9Q

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    So the new version is now live

  • This is a really ambitious project, which I think is 100% possible, although the work involved in this would be huge.

    You would need to write a lexer, parser, regex matchers, a stack and more.

    exec probably would not help you.beyond a simple calculator and even that wouldnt be entirely helpful.

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    @MikeDX I say thank you for your tips in the moment i am doing a bit of research on lexer and tokenizer meanwhile i try the best what i can.And I here to show that fuze isnt only for gaming.Gaming is cool and I love to see your guys projects I was totally flashed by fuze Eshop.But making grafical stuff isnt my bussiness i like stuff like this what i do.And I will become better.And I know some people think my programm is boring yeah it is in the moment but it will become better trust me.Thanks to all of you guys.I am a Application developer(not in real live) in Fuze.Maybe Fuze isnt the best choices for this but nevertheless buying fuze was a good choice

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    A other big problem is this isnt C++ or Python or assembly who many peoples did this before.This is Fuze and Fuze hasnt this big Textcommands.In Python there are so much text commands.You can split and join them and in Fuze this is all missing or you have to write it by your self so this is the point.Second is my knowledge.I make an apprenticeship as an systemsintegrator which also includes programming.But i dont have an clou so i have to learn and the next versions wont be very good.But in the moment you can use some single line commands.Things will become better I promise

  • Fuze Team

    @petermeisenstein said

    And I know some people think my programm is boring yeah it is in the moment but it will become better trust me.

    I don't think it is really a case of this. I suspect response is quiet because this is very different to what everyone else is tackling and people probably don't understand why you are doing it? I will admit that if I wanted a Python interpreter, neither the Switch, or Fuze are places that I would evern consider looking :)

    But there doesn't have to be a "Why?". The Why can simply be "bacause why not" or "because you want to" - so, keep going and let's see what happens

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    @Martin Thanks you are right.Its only for fun.

  • I think this is a cool project. I've been keeping my eye on it and am interested to watch it grow.

    The best part is the things you need to solve while writing an interpreter will be applicable to other projects of yours. Keep at it!

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    @Archive Thank you so much

  • When I try to download the interpreter with code NXE269QD9Q, all I get is this:

    //start to make it
    function printpy(text)
    return text

    I did not respond, because this is the same program that I downloaded with this code before. But it does not match with what you show in the screenshots. Is there a problem where the switch won't override updates? Or isn't the latest version of it shared publicly?

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    @PB____ I swear I published it

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    Is it now the newest version if not please tell me what to do

  • I deleted the project, downloaded it again, but still get the same version.

    It could be that the status is pending (you would see this at he right panel where you submitted the project), since it needs to be reviewed by the Fuze Team before it can be public.

    The steps to submitting your project are described here, basically you need to follow these steps when you have an update too.

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    I did it again

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