Fuze is wonderful, but.....

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    I just bought Fuze and I think its a great program. But i get heavy eyestrain after an hour programming. I can play all other switch games for hours without any strain. Are you using some kind of rendering technique like temporal dithering or anything like it , if so I hope you make an option to turn off? Otherwise your software is super. I really want to learn how to program , but not with eyestrain....

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    hmm that's a little odd, I'm old and my eyesight is poor at the best of times but I've found no problerms using Fuze for hours but I only use it docked, are you using it handheld?

  • Its both docked and handheld. I also have problems with macbook beacuse they force dithering which my eyes cannot handle. I can sit all day and read on my samsung s7 phone and sony xperia xz3. New windows computers are also bad. Thats why I decided to go for coding on fuze, beacuse I could use my switch all day without eyestrain. Oh well, just my bad luck. Anyway, your software seems great and I guess Im the one of the small percentage that are affected. Thanks for answering so fast and have a nice day!

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    Maybe some of the other colour schemes might suit you better? They’re in the options menu, iirc..

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    Also, there’s a way to change the text size using the shoulder buttons, i think...

  • Thanks, I will try!

  • Fuze Team

    Sorry, given the bank holiday not many Fuze members are going to be around too much. I'm not aware that the application is using unusual rendering techniques but I can dig into it and also make sure other members of the team are aware of this thread.

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