Audio file Gijs De Mik/Dango_SunRise(A) drops silent at 1:09

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    First I was wondering why looping did not work, but it looks like the audio file is corrupt after 1:09 minutes. It also says its 2:35 minutes long. Is the original still available somewhere?

  • Hi @spikey, thanks for the report! I've verified that the issue occurs because the original audio file has an incredible amount of silence appended to the end of the track. I've put it on the to-do list.

    I've also confirmed that the music is supposed to seamlessly loop back to the beginning at 1:09. As a workaround for now to use it as a seamlessly looping music track, in your code you should be able to keep track of the elapsed time since the song started using deltaTime and stop the song at 69.6 seconds, then restart the song.

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    @Willpowered The value 69.6 seconds fits perfect. I adjusted my game. Thanks a lot.

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