Curves drawn using createCurve does not quite hit the final point.

  • F

    I tried the following code:

    points = []
    points[0] = {0, 100}
    points[1] = {gWidth(), 100}
    curve = createCurve(points)

    I expected a line to be drawn from the left border to the right one. However, the line touches the left border, but is actually 30-40 pixels short on the right side!

    This seems like a bug.

    Adding an extra point in the middle makes no difference either.

  • Fuze Team

    If you draw a box that is outline only using the box() command then you'll find that doesn't meet up either, though it only looks like it's a pixel or so out in that case. I suspect that's a bug too.

  • I've put this on the to-do list. Thanks for the report!

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