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    @CasualTie5 Which game is that? Just looking now and I think it was reshared as the same name so I'm not seeing it at the top of my list.

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    I would like to submit my game "Fuze Fit Adventure 2" to the Showcase Gallery.
    Download ID: NLTUXMND5C

  • I'll be submitting Parasail Pat tonight :) Such a silly, simple game and I'm so glad people like it!
    I'll also be submitting Dizzy and Eye of the Switch Warrior (my RPG) but goshdarnit if I just cannot find 5 minutes for myself these days! I'll need to fix following the update if I can, and then I'll need to add reset features which I expect will be a mission and a half. Hope to get both done by Xmas :)

  • @Dave oops, you're right, my bad!
    tried it again now (the name is "No Escape from Red Hell")

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    So, when is the next planned update for the Showcase gallery?

    Can you update it on-the-fly, or is it only able to be updated when you release new Fuze patches?

  • This showcase is one of my favorite features of FUZE. Not only do I get to download and play amazing games but I can put something on there for anyone to download directly and enjoy! I have downloaded all the showcase games and enjoyed every last one. can't wait to see what others make for the showcase in the future!

  • Fuze Team

    The showcase is entirely independent of releases. I have no inside knowledge on what the actual plans are for how often it will be updated but I know it doesn’t need to wait for a release. Think of it as your best friend in your friends list.

  • I'm surprised to hear that; would have assumed people started submitting their games, yet the number of programmes hasn't inscreased thus far

  • Fuze Team

    @CasualTie5 People are submitting and it's very exciting indeed! However, we haven't added all of them to the Showcase just yet - other things are happening too. You will be seeing them soon!

  • I believe my submission to the showcase gallery is in order unless I surprise myself with another bug or grammar mistake.

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    I would like to submit my game The growing pains of Señorita Space Worm to the Showcase Gallery! Thanks!


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