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  • Fuze Team

    Hi folks!

    As you all know, the Showcase Gallery is now live as of version 2.15.1!

    We're very excited to see this grow as the potential is truly huge! I wanted to make an updated post about submitting to the Showcase.

    In case anyone doesn't know, the Showcase Gallery is shared between F4NS and the FUZE Player free application. While the Player isn't out yet, it is getting closer and closer!

    We'd love to see the Showcase packed with amazing programs from this incredible community! Not just games - we'd love to see cool visual demos and sound related programs too.

    If you want to get a game into the Showcase, please observe the following guidelines. Any questions about any of this information, feel free to leave a comment or get in touch with me.

    To submit a game to the Showcase Gallery for review and eventual approval, add "Showcase Submission" to the description field of your program, then share and submit to Download Code ID sharing via the "Program Options" on the "My Shared Programs" screen from the Share menu.

    Feel free to either comment here or message me directly with a submission or queries regarding submission rules.

    1. Your game should have a loading screen
    If loading lots of assets, this will cause a long delay while preparing to run. Doesn't have to be anything fancy - even just the text "Loading" will be fine. Of course, get as creative as you want!

    2. Your game should have a game over/restart condition without exiting the program
    If a game over scenario is triggered, the player should be able to get back into the game without having to restart the program with the + button.

    3. Your game cannot include material which depicts gratuitous violence, references to adult themes, or offensive/discriminatatory material.
    This much is common sense. The Showcase Gallery is intended to be a place for everybody. Of course, mild fantasy violence is acceptable. Any queries about this please feel free to get in touch with me.

    4. Your game code should feature the following text in comments at the top:
    Project Title
    Any information you feel is necessary for the game, perhaps a few sentences of instructions/lore/a message from the author.

    A licence agreement:
    The code hereunder and associated artwork created by <author name> may not be redistributed outside of the FUZE environment by the end user without permission of <author name>. Use for enquiries. Any graphical and audio content taken from the FUZE media library is covered by the licence reffered to in the author's dedicated media folder.

    The above rules are largely the same for non-game programs, where applicable. For example - a synthesizer program should use as loading screen if it takes a long time to load any featured assets.

    Good luck everyone! I hope to see your awesome ideas get into the Showcase for the world to see!

  • Might be a stupid question, but how do I submit a program? Just posting in this thread?

  • Fuze Team

    Great question - I didn't actually specify that so I'll amend the post. Comment in this thread or share the program with "Showcase Submission" and any additional notes in the description field. We will amend it with the author's wishes at the time of approval.

  • resubmitted one of my games - hope others do as well! There are some truly awesome games and tech demos I've played

  • Fuze Team

    @CasualTie5 Which game is that? Just looking now and I think it was reshared as the same name so I'm not seeing it at the top of my list.

  • F

    I would like to submit my game "Fuze Fit Adventure 2" to the Showcase Gallery.
    Download ID: NLTUXMND5C

  • I'll be submitting Parasail Pat tonight :) Such a silly, simple game and I'm so glad people like it!
    I'll also be submitting Dizzy and Eye of the Switch Warrior (my RPG) but goshdarnit if I just cannot find 5 minutes for myself these days! I'll need to fix following the update if I can, and then I'll need to add reset features which I expect will be a mission and a half. Hope to get both done by Xmas :)

  • @Dave oops, you're right, my bad!
    tried it again now (the name is "No Escape from Red Hell")

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