pre-competition discussion

  • Fuze Team

    It's time to start looking at our first competition. I will find some prizes of note and then make an announcement.

    However, i'd like some suggestions for the kind of goals users will be interested in. I would also suggest we have varied skill levels for entries.

    Initially i quite like the idea of things along the lines of:

    Best 8Bit remake - We can have the Oliver Twins judge it for us (they hold the world record for having released more than any other developer!)

    Demo scene style - make FUZE sing and dance

    Text Adventure (originality take the prize)

    Best use of UDG() - alias uploadImage()

    Best original music demo - synth programming only, no samples.

    Best 3D game - in a limited time frame (i.e. 10 days!)

    Suggestions, thoughts and sensible comments please..

    • Best abuse of code formatting
    • Best game idea using no images at all
    • Best use of motion controls

  • Donator

    I like Best 8Bit remake and best use of UDG the most.

    from Mike i like best use of motion controls the most


    • Best little story
    • Best (most fun) Multiplayer

  • F

    Multiplayer! Yes that should be a category.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a productivity category? Something not a game or music related. For example a calculator app (but not as simple as that of course).

  • Donator

    Code golf :smile:

  • F

    @MikeDX count me in into the no images category, my fully text game is coming.

  • F

    Suggestions for categories:

    • The best Dekstop Envirnoment
    • The best fully original game
    • The best non-game program
    • Best original artwork in a program/game
    • Best use of the switch's capabilityes
    • Best switch lite's compatibility
    • Best joycon usage

  • Best game in 100 lines of code (accessible to enter and easy to share?)

  • F

    Well unless we have a "worst code ever created" or "dumbest fuze user award" there's no point me entering. Perhaps I can volunteer to be a judge. haha

    as for ideas:
    Best 8 bit game clone
    Most original game idea
    Best 4 player game
    (and jacobmph's 100 line idea is very good! takes me back to the old 1k type-ins of the early 80's)

  • @SteveZX81 said in pre-competition discussion:

    Well unless we have a "worst code ever created" or "dumbest fuze user award" there's no point me entering.

    Not even sure I want to be hearing that kind of talk Steve :) We have been doing this a long time and it's not usually about worst / best code (I certainly haven't judged based upon coding standards! - this isn't the IOCC!) and definitely not into investigating how intelligent a person is!

    You will enter, and you will enjoy it! That's the rules :D

  • F

    demo scene or music demo sounds like something I could participate in.

    as far as bad code goes, there is always someone that can make your 60 lines into 4 lines, and then someone else will make their 4 lines into 1 line. When I've sold software the employers couldn't care less as long as it does what it is suppose to do.

    First time I released code publicly for something, I knew I was I bad at programming, so I did the whole thing like this, people messaged and me and said that was the best code they'd ever read!

    If zombielove == true then
    jealouszombiefriendshealth = 1
    zombiebabies = 7
    franksname = "steve"

    for pickled = jealouszombiefriendshealth to zombiebabies loop
    if brains[pickled] == zombiebabies then
    superzombie = zombielove
    print ("Employee ",franksname," has ",zombiebabies," sickdays remaining and eligibility for sick leave is ",superzombie")

  • Fuze Team

    I personally would love to see some demoscene programs. I spend hours upon hours on my Amiga looking at them.

  • @Martin They we're very cool, but I believe they generally revolved around hard core assembler skills. The BASIC coding scene was capturing something slightly different IMO. Sharing code and learning by typing in each others' listings.

  • Fuze Team

    Sure, but they were assembler basically because they had to be to get that out of the machines of the time. There's no reason you shouldn't be able to create similar things in Fuze

  • Fuze Team

    Just a quick update - I am working on a comp that should see the light of day in few weeks. Just letting you know this has not been forgotten.

  • F

    oh oh! can I volunteer to be a judge? (that way I get to play all the games.. haha!)

  • Fuze Team

    @SteveZX81 Not going to enter yourself then?

  • F

    lol good joke! (I am very excited by the idea of a competition though, I cannot wait to see the 'theme' and what amazing games people create!)

  • F

    Suggestion, what if our winner has their game distributed as part of an upcoming Fuze release?

  • Fuze Team

    As long as there are no potential copyright issues to consider then this is very, very likely indeed!

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