Wii-Style Pointer

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    Made a system to use the joycon as some sort of wii-style pointer.
    It seems like the right joycon works best.
    Also if its behaving weirdly, try to move the joycon in a quick figure 8 so that it can recalibrate.
    Make sure to point it directly to the screen when you finished swirling it around :)

    Clicking and a pointer submenu are both integrated.


    Let me know what you think and tell me your ideas on what to do with it. Or just use it in your project and show it to me :)

    ID: Q7U53MNDX8
    Status: live

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    This is excellent and seems to work perfectly for long periods. It also works great tilting the switch with the joycons docked. I didn’t think it was possible, but here it is. !

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