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    [EDIT] The purpose of this thread is to give a brief intro of yourself and gain some reputation. Please keep this thread free of chat. We will do our best to clean up any unnecessary posts

    I thought I'd start this one off...

    Obviously play nice and if you wish, just a few lines about yourself and maybe what you want to do with F4NS? Or just have a read of what everyone else has to say :)

    I'm a developer of 30 years from the UK. Contrary to what a few people have already thought on Discord, I'm not one of the Fuze developers but I am privileged to have known a few of them IRL (as they say) for many years, in some cases since the 80's and those early days of home computers, and all of the team that I have met are a great bunch :+1:

    I am passionate about the whole concept of getting youngsters into coding, coming from a part of the UK where you are more likely to know how to drive a tractor than get a chance to program computers and will do anything to support that effort.

    There's a lot more I could say but let's wrap this up with something about F4NS. Earlier in the year I was able to assist with some QA and testing on a visit to the office during which time I started working on a Gun Fight / Boot Hill clone (because why not?). Not going to set the world alight but it was surprisingly fun, almost addictive and before any of the help was available too :) Hopefully the wait will soon be over and I can continue that journey along with everyone else...

    So, come on then, don't be shy, give us a few words and introduce yourself...

    [EDIT] I'm going to add that I've gone by a couple of names on different forums over the years. Some may have come across me, particularly in the arcade scene as 'Guddler' (or 'Gudd' for those that knew me well), and various other forums like Acorn BBC and Amiga as 'MartinW'

    Friend code removed due to availability of Community Sharing in the 2.14 patch. If you want to become my Nintendo friend you will have to message me for my friend code as usual.

  • Hi, I'm Derik. I'm a CS student in BC, Canada. My practical programming skills are quite lacking, but I'm hoping that I can learn, practice, and just have fun with F4NS. I hope I'll have some neat things to show everyone here once we all get our hands on the software.

  • Hi, I'm Marc. I'm a french teenager who discovered F4NS thanks to some websites. I thought start coding could be funny, so that's why I wanted this app, for trying my best to do a video game. I decided to learn code on my pc, waiting for the launch of this program, and with all those delays, I learned python (not like a master of course), progressed a lot in C# and learned the bases of algorithm and assembly. And now I'm waiting this to finally launch !

  • My name's Russ, and I'm from the UK. Got a Spectrum+ when I was 9, and started coding from magazines... progressed through Sam Coupe and Amiga, writing a few games in AMOS (but was more interested in fractals and the demo scene)... Finished Uni and joined a large financial institution - which to be honest sucked all the joy out of programming for me.... Wasn't in to consoles until the Nintendo Wii (fantastic device!).

    Haven't had much time for coding as a hobby since then, but as home educators found Fuze on the Raspberry PI.... It seemed great, but was struggling to get my kids to have much interest.... Then I saw it was coming on the Switch and bought one immediately...Have been waiting semi-patiently since then!

    Looking forward to putting together some really basic games that I hope will pique the kids interest enough to have a go!

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    I'm Stuart, goes by Discostew online (or Disco for short). My experience with programming began with my dad teaching me to use GW-BASIC on a 286 computer. Expanded to QBasic during school, self-taught Visual Basic, then when I got into college, I began learning C/C++. Around the time I learned that, I learned about homebrew on the GBA, so I fiddled with that, then fiddled with DS homebrew. Contributed a few things with 3DS homebrew, but when I got that handheld, I also got Petit Computer (a DSi programming app much like FUZE) where I worked on my biggest project ever. A faithful recreation of Mega Man 2, albeit slow in some areas with a lot of objects onscreen due to limited processing, that also included additions like dual-screen support, an audio player, boss rush mode, and the ability to make your own levels. I'm hoping that I can port it to FUZE and that copyright issues won't get in the way, as well as bringing other ideas to the program.

  • I'm Mike, child of the 80s. first computer at home was a commodore plus4 where i caught the coding bug. went through all the usual 8 and 16 bit suspects and through all manner of languages from dialects of BASIC (cbm, spectrum, amstrad, gwbasic) to the early game development languages (STOS, AMOS). then onto c (xenix 286 and 386) and d (amiga). got my first windows machine in 1998 and started writing emulators (first space invaders emulator in 1999 and then pacman). Wrote emudx late 1999 / 2000 and joined fasttrak software to help take care of DIV. games studio (DOS) with @Jonboy in march 2000 which we enjoyed quite an amazing experience back when forums were basic and online communities were nothing more than "webrings".

    in my.spare time I've developed emulators and games for almost every platform going. Gameboy, GBA, DS, PSP, Xbox, gcw-zero, gp32, gp2x, raspberry pi, pc, mac, web browser plus many more I've forgotten and now nintendo switch!

    Along the years I've worked in many different industries from accounting, storage, message reminders, aerospace, estate agency websites, huge social media platforms, crypto currency, everything big and small across a never ending stream of new and old technology and variety of databases. mix into that a keen interest of electronics and hardware hacking and a love of 80s arcade games.

    Spent a brief time as lead developer for FUZE BASIC on the raspberry pi and ported to many platforms and architectures including osx, mips, and x86/x64.

    Today I work as part of the fuze team to help bring the best tools we can to the current and future generations of coders. hopefully my experience along the years will push FUZE4 to be the very best that it can be

  • Hello, I’m B_Studios! You can call me, B! I’m an amateur artist and cartoonist as well as an experimental indie game developer. I’ve dabbled in programs such as Scratch and ClickTeam in the past and am currently a beginner to RPG Maker MV and Fuze BASIC! I’m a huge fan of the MOTHER/EarthBound trilogy and the Rhythm Heaven games! With Fuze4 Nintendo Switch I plan on making games similar to those from the NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, and possibly the N64 with the 3D features FNS has to offer! I really hope you enjoy the projects I make and I hope to get involved in this community! :)

  • Hey, I'm Noah, but I go by the alias Jungomo online. I'm not the oldest, but I've done some basic coding before. I'm sure I'll enjoy learning a new language (practically) and being able to use it to make something that hopefully everyone can enjoy. I've always enjoyed music, and I'm learning how to make some pretty good tunes right now on the Korg Gadget for Switch. Speaking of that, I'd love to help make music for someone if they needed it, although it won't be the best music. Can't wait for FUZE4 to be coming out! :video_game:

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    Hello, My name is Glank9000 but you can just call me glank. I am not a programmer in any professional sense (job or school) but I enjoy playing around with it as a hobby. I am super passionate about gaming, tech, and science (especially physics, ooh that might be a good idea for a program). I hope to create programs that people can make use of and games that people can enjoy!

  • Hello everyone. I’m Nick, UK based.. Learnt to code nearly 40 years ago when my dad brought a BBC basic home and you could (failing multiple times) try to write code from Ceefax. Eventually ended up coding at work for scientific data analysis. Donated a long time ago when this first was announced and so looking forward to coding retro style games for my 7 year old who has been drawing all sorts of ideas ;-P

  • Hi, I'm french and probably you could see me as an old man. I'm interested in Fuze 4 Nitendo Switch because i would like to understand and give examples to my younger sons and his friends May be they will get interest in programming but they have to see examples to get ideas, understand what we can do with that ...

    I'm not sure I understand everything though I start to play with computers and programm around 1981 1982 (at beginning plot pixels on screen only, dos, then basic fortran, C++ , Javascript ..) But things are so different now.
    I hope you will be able to help me sometimes and i 'm sorry for my english.
    If sometimes people can give answers in french, it will helps to.

  • Je m'appel Pinaxial j'ai 19 ans et je vie en france. Mon rêve est d'aller vivre au Quebec et devenir developper multitâches. En se moment je fais un Baccalaurea Systèmes numériques, je suis à ma dernière année. Quand j'aurais fini mon BAC je continurais sur un BTS SIO( BTS Services informatiques aux organisations) en alternance pour payer le voyage au Quebec.Malheureusement pour moi je comprend l'anglais écrit mais pas l'oral et je sais pas encore faire de dialogue ;(. En terme de connaissance de language de programmation je connais juste l'HTML et CSS grâce à openclassroom et mainteant je vais essayer d'apprendre grâce à Fuze technologie d'autre languages de programmation et je vous en remercie d'avance :).

    My name is Pinaxial I am 19 years old and I live in France. My dream is to go to live in Quebec and become multitasking. In this moment I am doing a Baccalaureate Digital Systems, I am at my last year. When I finished my BAC I continued on a BTS SIO (BTS Computer Services Organizations) alternately to pay for the trip to Quebec.Unfortunately for me I understand written English but not oral and I do not know yet In terms of programming language knowledge, I just know HTML and CSS thanks to openclassroom and now I will try to learn Fuze technology from other programming languages and I thank you in advance: ).

  • I am Donald... CFO... 43 years old... I know SQL and Python to format some .txt arrays. Both self taught. In the late 80s, i tried to self-learn GFA Basic on Atari ST.

    What I am looking for... self learning with my 9 year old son some programming skills.

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    Hi my name is Colin and I have been programming for a very long time in a lot of different languages and environments.

    I may have been responsible for a lot of the command reference and code examples so I apologise in advance for that.

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    Hi I am Nicole, learned to program on c64 but I was quite young, have tinkered with other languages over the years but feel like I have some unfinished business. Particularly looking forward to exploring the synth in Fuse, loced the demo scene on c64 and Amiga

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    My Name is Jon Silvera / AKA Jonnyboy. FUZE started out in 2012 as a question. Could we recreate a coding environment in the same mould as the 1980s 8Bit micros that got everyone coding like there was no tomorrow. We originally started with out own coding workstation called the FUZE. The main idea was to have a version of BASIC at the forefront and back it up with plenty of learning material. We sold around 5,000 of them. Not many really. However we started running FUZE Coding Workshops up and down the country. This have been very popular and proved we had developed a method of teaching that produced excellent results.. every single time.

    With this experience we approached Nintendo to ask for development rights on the Switch so we could bring our coding platform to the device.

    The results are exactly what we intended in the beginning. Putting FUZE, a very advanced and modernised variation of BASIC, on the Switch simply turns it into a home computer just like the old days. In fact it is possible to get to your code even faster than we could then. Add a keyboard and a larger screen and it becomes a proper coding workstation. Undock it and carry on in the bedroom, bus, tube, toilet, plane, train and so on.

    FUZE has been an incredible journey so far, a tough one too. Hopefully we will now reap the rewards, not financially, though that would be nice of course, but rather by bringing an easy to learn, very accessible and blazingly powerful programming environment to all generations of coders either at the very start of their adventure or the seasoned professionals wanting to flex their 1337 skilz1

    Let me introduce you to the band..

    Pianofire - as old as i am and from the same town back in the 1970s and 80s. Colin is a professional coder by trade and quite simply the nicest chap ever! Colin's work on the help content and underlying system has been invaluable.

    MikeDX - Mike and I have been involved (together) in the game coding scene for almost 20 years. He is an incredible talent across all platforms and a all round dude

    Martin - another one from Minehead and the same era as Colin and I. Martin is such a cool frood and has a heart of gold to boot! A true hard worker and another great bloke

    Luke - Luke has written underlying engines that drive the 3D, 2D and audio functions in FUZE. His talent knows no bounds. For a 19 year old his abilities defy all laws

    Kat - our in-house 3D graphics designer. Kat, quiet as a mouse but ferociously talented. Look out for our first DLC pack - it is all Kats work.

    Dave - A fantastically talented musician and FUZE teacher. Dave has also written the tutorial section of the help system as well as a great deal more. Dave is also the son of Jonnyboy

    Will - Our USA contingent. Will has quietly contributed to FUZE for the last 18 months. He is responsible for the user interface and quite a lot of the 2D functions. Will is a professional pixel artist and demonstrates this rather well in his asset collection in FUZE as well as in his included game Super Arena Mega Blaster!

    Ben - just starting high school Ben is a great coder, presenter and quality control assistant - you'll see lots of Ben on the tutorial videos

    We also have a few more part-time employees who have contributed along the way so huge thank yous go to Lizzie, Molly, Grace and Charlotte for all their support either testing FUZE and or working at our workshops.

    There.. that was more than you bargained for wasn't it!

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    I am Ben.
    I am 16 years old and am starting sixth form next month.

    I first met Jon at a presentation, that I spoke in, organised by my school, with a room of people in the education industry. Before the presentation, I spoke to Jon, and he told me about FUZE. One thing that really stuck with me after that conversation were the words: "Nintendo Switch".

    A few months after that, my school started organising work experience. FUZE immediately came to mind! I made contact with Jon, and agreed to meet him at a holiday workshop to sign a form. This is also where I met Dave and Luke. I was amazed by the attitude of the kids and how much progress they were making; working on games that I didn't know where to begin with!

    FUZE Basic provided a graphical output, which allowed for games to be made much easier than in Python, which is where I first started programming. Speaking of which, Python is a very good programming language, that can be used in a lot of ways. For this reason, I don't mean to put Python down, when I say; Fuze 4 Nintendo Switch is much more intuitive, and therefore easier to learn. F4NS makes it easier to understand the basics, and the foundations to programming, and computational thinking, but, beyond that, advanced programmers have the ability to play about with 3D, and other complicated things like that! (I know that this was less about me, but this is how I view FUZE as a language).

    Shortly before the work experience week, I was invited to the FUZE office to help categorise the assets that you can use in FUZE 4 Nintendo Switch.

    Now, I continue to help the Switch project, and with workshops. Dave and I are also working on a series of video tutorials for the Switch, that will be just another resource that you can use if you are struggling with some of the concepts. (As well as a bit of fun).

    I have seen only a chunk of the whole FUZE 4 Nintendo Switch journey, but I am so proud to have been a part of it. Thank you Jon and the rest of FUZE for this incredulous opportunity.

    I also cannot wait to see what this growing community can come up with.

  • Hi! I'm Dan! I have a background in tech and have fiddled with bits of python and PICO-8, but never to much success. I've been super excited about the accessibility of FUZE⁴ Switch, and I'm hoping that the ability to use it away from a TV will mean I actually finish a project! I've been teaching my younger sister at home, so I'm looking forward to learning together. Here's hoping the community keeps growing after Friday!

  • Hi, I'm Joe.

    So programming experience - I did Maths in college & as part of that did C on first year & C++ in second year & completely sucked at both. Roll on around a decade later & after getting lost through the cracks in a major restructure my new manager drop a how to program vba in Excel book on my desk - worked through the book & next thing I know my job is mainly writing macros. Would soon learn a bit of SQL to use a Access Database with some of my vba. Since then with the help of Google I got a fair bit better. Have moved on to a SQL Server Database & last year got myself a book & took the leap to winforms which I've steadily improved at. It'd be a major exaggeration to call me a programmer or developer though.

    In terms of video gaming as a kid of the 80s I started off with an Atari 2600 before moving on to the SNES which I loved! Also got a Mega Drive a bit later. Also got the 4 PlayStations, Wii, DS, 3DS & most recently the Switch although gotta admot that after PS2 & Wii I didn't really play the other consoles as much as I might like & probably have more unplayed games for them then played!

    Not got a clue what I'm going to try make with this - my nephews might be able to give me ideas (& maybe even give it a go themselves when they get a bit bigger).

    I've probably been one of the more negative people on the original forum & Facebook with the delays announcements - hopefully I won't be persona non grata here because of that 😉

    I'm hoping to have a lot of fun & maybe make something that's functional - not going to aim any higher then that 😂

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    I'm Karl, I work as a developer, and started with an Apple ][ way back when. I've been working with my two kids teaching them more about how computers actually work, using microbits, robots, and ucb logo. They both love the Switch, and I'm excited to show them how much fun it is to have a computer that you can hold in your hands and program on the device itself - I had a Casio FX-802P calculator that I used to program in basic on a 12-character LCD screen to make teeny tiny games.

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