Crash when running code.

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    I was working on my game tonight and at one point it had been about 18 mins since I last run/saved my code, I finished adding the code I was working on and pressed plus to test it but Fuze crashed.

    Error: Failed to open file: save:/carnival.far (General Failure)
    Pressing +/- took me back to the code window but I could not do anything so had to kill Fuze and reload. Sadly all the code I'd added was lost.

    I have noticed this exact error before but only when I copy a project and then try to run the project I'd copied from. This time I didn't copy anything.

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    @SteveZX81 I've noticed that I get that when I delete (and/ or maybe copy) a project. When I go back into the editor, I'll generally hit + to get that error out of the way, and then quit ... rerun Fuze ...

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    @pobtastic That is interesting. I will see if I can reliably reproduce this.

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    Damn thing just did it on me again and I lost some more code. Nothing I cannot redo but it is quite annoying.

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    That just happenned to me too

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