Object unloading bug

  • When the center point of an object is off screen, like a cube or cube floor, it gets unloaded and disappears, even if corners of the object are still.on screen. Any idea what causes this?

  • @Jonboy I think you were one of the developers. Is this an unintended side effect if something you guys did? Load up the sample program for 3d camera and movement, and you'll see that the floor disappears. I can't make my game since I'll need alot of big tiles to take alot of space. And they will unload because of this.

    I found that it happens when the center point of the object is directly behind the camera. Like going left and right, in front of that is where you can see it, and once the center goes behind that it disappears. This didnt happen before.

  • F

    Just shooting into the blue: I have no switch with me. If its new, it has maybe to do with a new function. What about? setFov(360) I am not even sure if this makes sense.

  • I get what your saying I'll try it after work, thanks!

  • Huh that causes the model to unload completely. It only sometimes can be seen

  • Omg I just found out that this command can be used for zooming or aiming a gun in the game I am literally trying to make! I messed around with it and found that it scales what you can see, so all I gotta do is drop that value and it zooms the screen to the center of the camera. So by failing to fix one problem, you showed me the solution to another! Thank you man. But I still gotta stop that unload :v

  • Fuze Team

    @Zypher Can you do a very simple demo that reproduces the problem and then I can raise an issue

  • Ok one minute I'll make one

  • @pianofire I've submitted the program. The code is NXKBYRMBSL

  • I only added some models and took out the light source in this program. If you find a way to have the models not disappear please let me know.

  • @pianofire I just loaded up my darklight program, and the ground isnt unloading anymore, however the collision boxes are now completely out of whack. Thought I'd let you know. Some modifications to it is causing one of these two results.

  • Fuze Team

    @Zypher So is the program you uploaded not exhibiting the problem anymore because it seems Ok to me? Please can you "break" it again.

  • @pianofire yeah I'm headed home I'll get visual record if the weird bugs. Maybe I know that @LinkCraft02 I believe also had a problem with his game

  • Why did my response not post :v

  • I have this problem also, I tried to make a giant cube around the player as a kind of arena. I made it out of four walls, ceiling and floor, each is 500 by 500 metres, and placed together on their edges. If I try to make the arena bigger by making them 500 metres bigger and further apart, they disappear just like in your video. Still haven't worked out why, but maybe the solution is to make lots of smaller parts that only disappear in small chunks?

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