Patience Solitaire

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    I have submitted an update of the game, based on feedback that I got:

    • some use of color in the background
    • if you switch between docked and undocked, sometimes the score didn't look nice
    • you can break from the win animation by pressing Y (this is also displayed on screen). You could already skip any card by pressing anything else
    • after the card animation for winning, I've added some text animations, so that the transition between the win animation and the menu isn't so sudden

    Thanks for the positive messages i received about the game :)

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    I've just submitted an update that is currently pending review

    It contains the following changes (among several other minor improvements):

    • There is now a 'game' within the options menu, there you can configure the following:
      • draw size (1 or 3 card(s))
      • hints (on or off), to highlight suggestions
      • seed (same seed = same deck of cards)
    • It's now possible to choose between 4 songs in the sound settings menu
    • Improved the loading screen
    • Several subtile styling improvements
    • Improvements to when you win the game
    • Several improvements and fixes when it comes to controls (both buttons and touch improvements)

    Let me know if you've played the latest version and find any room for improvement :-)

    I have the following planned, but no promises (only if I find the time):

    • Start song counting in options=>sound menu by 1 in stead of 0
    • Easier way to move cards to foundation (top right), probably by pressing [x]
    • Maybe (big maybe) undo/redo features (using [b] + [zl] and [b] + [zr])
    • Possibly some styling improvements
    • Maybe (but probably not) a way to bind controls

    All feedback is welcome, especially if you find bugs :)

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    I've submitted an update with:

    • Many subtle improvements to the menu: code improvements, styling improvements, and improved user interaction (descriptions etc.)
    • Introduced "Quick Actions" (press x to let the game decide on a move for the active card). This can be disabled from the game rules menu
    • Allowing negative scores (when recycling the deck a lot) can now be disabled
    • small improvements

    For now I've dropped the idea for undo/redo and for key binding.

    Obviously the update is still pending.

    EDIT the update is live already, all feedback is welcome :-)

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    Submitted a new version because there was an annoying bug:
    If the bottom card wasn't visible yet, the suggestion would flash on it, I didn't fix it earlier because it was a fun bug. But with quick actions, that would mean a card could be placed at that position by executing the quick action. This could be a bug that causes you to lose the game, so wanted to fix that.

    Also added:

    • a secret cheat so you can hide the score (in case you don't like how the score is presented).

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    Shared a minor update (some changes to the code only). Reason to share is mainly to have a back-up of a version that could be good enough in my opinion.

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    Another minor update is pending:

    • I've attempted to be consistent per vector how I access it's properties ([0..3], .rgba or .xyzw), this was a bit of a risky refactoring to late in the process, but I think it improved readability of the code.
    • It's possible to scroll through the menus using touch if swiping is disabled
    • Some minor bug fixes (dropping a card on the menu button doesn't go to the menu for example)

    I'd like to thank both @MikeDX and @Dave for the feedback they have given on this game after the submissions. I might have contested their feedback, but I think both my game, code and Fuze became better because of it.

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    Yet another minor update:

    • Improvement on how empty files are handled when starting up the program (for example when the code is copied to a new project)
    • Bug fix: cursor was not reset with a new game, this could cause weird bugs.
    • Added MikeDX to the credits.
    • Removed herobrine

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    Ok, you got me, I go now looking in the old version, if I can find out how to make him appear 🤣

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    Because it was announced that the Fuze update will treat types more strictly, I've updated the types in my source code more strictly as well.

    To be clear, I am in favor of the var keyword, but only where appropriate. So in anticipation of where the language is heading, I've reduced the amount of var-usage in my code to the scenario's where I felt that it fits. In hope to improve the readability of my code as well.

    The update should not contain functional changes. It was just submitted, so obviously it's pending.

  • Fuze Team

    Am I right in saying that the version with download code: 9HD63MND1Z is the latest, @PB____ ?

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    @Dave yes, the download code never changed, so you can use the same code to download updates.

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    This post is deleted!

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    Another small update:

    • I noticed that the song Gijs de Mik/Dango_SunRise(A) contained a long silence (this was song 4 in the menu), so I've removed this song from the game
    • I've updated the credits so they now include the Fuze team
    • Some small tweaks that people probably won't notice (improved the hyphenation algorithm, tweaked some rumble effects, etc).
    • "Enable swiping" option is now called "Gestures only" and has a better description now.
    • Some more small readability improvements to the code

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