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    There is a getDrawTarget function mentioned on the setDrawTarget documentation page (as an associated command). This function works as I would expect, so I had used it in my solitaire game.

    However, it does not have it's own documentation page (that appears to be a broken link). Initially I was under the impression that the documentation was just behind on this, but I've also heard of several commands that are intentionally left out of the documentation.

    My question is this: do I need to rewrite my code so it doesn't use getDrawTarget or will this stay supported by the language? I don't see any problem with the function as it is, but I can't look under the hood...

    EDIT: the function was also mentioned in this post as a request:

  • Fuze Team

    This one appears to be an accidental omission. There are a couple of undocumented functions that there has been some discussion about but this wasn't one of them. I see no reason to remove it

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