NinjaScroll - a work in progress.

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    @pianofire thank you so much man.

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    @Dave This is really cool! The foreground art reminds me of "Ninja Spirit", and the background art almost looks Game Boy-like-- it's a neat juxtaposition. The "enemies from background to foreground" trick is used in parts of my all-time favorite ninja game, "Shinobi III" on the Mega Drive/Genesis.

  • Fuze Team

    @Spacemario ;) Nicely spotted! Yep - I couldn't remember exactly which games use that technique but I've played a few in my time. I love the effect though and was very, very happy to be able to recreate :)

  • is the background-scroll randomly generating patterns, or is it a predefined level length and layout?

  • Fuze Team

    It's an array of 5 elements, each containing the index into the array of level images.

    Each is drawn and scrolled with the camera, then, when the image at the end of the array is fully visible on screen, every element in the array is moved backwards, and a new element is created at the end, chosen randomly from a selection of the images (with a bias towards the trees, since they look good when repeating but the others less so).

    I'm using a function like this:

    function levelGen()
        L = len(level) - 1
        for i = 0 to L loop
            level[i] = level[i + 1]
        level[L] = selection[random(5)]
        cam.x -= levelWidth
    return void

    Of course without the rest of the context this isn't much help, but I hope it answers your question!

  • Interesting, that's insightful thanks!

  • Fuze Team

    @Dave Looking really nice, mate!
    One thing that I would say is I think the enemies should run further before jumping in.

  • Fuze Team

    @FuzeBen The distance they run before jumping in will be randomised soon. Then, when they're coming out faster it should be quite a challenge to keep up with which ninja is coming from where and when they'll attack!

  • Fuze Team

    Got some more updates coming to this! Latest additions:

    Collision - ability to hit enemies and be hit
    Player and enemy attack sounds
    Player score
    Game over condition with ending screen

    Will make a post in the next couple of days with some progress!

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