Cube Match - 3D puzzle game

  • This is the start of a digital implementation of a real toy. You have to combine 6 elements so it results in a cube.

    The rotation of the sub-cubes still has a bug as you can see. But I hope to get soon to the collision detection, so one cannot cheat anymore ;-)

  • F

    Woah! that's awesome.

  • Fuze Team

    Wow. Extremely impressive. You certainly know your maths!

  • The maths, well... I just found out that, some ugly "if"s have to do it before I have the time to get a math-brush-up to make the code easier to maintain. Probably I just invented brute-force trigonometry.

  • Fuze Team

    Hey... brute force trigonometry.. I thought I invented that. Actually that sums up my coding style entirely!

    So Spikey, where is this going, how is it coming along? So far this is one of the most impressive things i've seen. I really hope you are able to turn it into a full game. Keep it up... please!

  • I have some ideas ready that could lead to a complete game. But I see more and more where I will have to invest efforts (also in the beginning of the next project) to get a satisfying game flow for the player and maintainable code. But its just so teasing to jump right into graphics and sound😁

  • Fuze Team

    nothing worse than realising how much work is actually required to make a real game - especially after spending so much time on the early mechanics. But, i promise you, it will be worth while, especially because most won't comprehend all the mistakes and rewrites you have had to go through to get there. Rest assured though, there's a lot of people here who understand exactly what it takes and fully appreciate the end result. Saying that, with what i've seen so far, and i'm so very far from an expert on this, i'm intrigued and excited to see what the next project might bring.

    Still though - i love the idea of the 3d jigsaw puzzle game - it has a lot of merit and scope and as such must not be given up on!

    No pressure but.... hurry up dude :-)

  • Finally managed to get a collision detection for these 3D cube sides. uff.

    Final steps are the creation of a "join3DShape()" and adding some better world lighting.

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