Millions of years ago our world was invaded by a species of bodiless creatures called the Geeks. Millenia upon millennia passed. They waited. They waited some more. They grew bored. Eventually Humans evolved. The Geeks watched. At first, they were entertained by the Human’s incessant ability to invent utterly useless things they would place a great and much misguided importance upon. They watched some more. They grew bored again.

Eventually the Geeks became able to influence the thoughts and actions of the Humans. Among many other fantastic contributions to Human nature, one single phrase, a single phrase above all others, was to entrench itself deep into Human consciousness. It was: "The Geek shall inherit the Earth".

However, over the next couple of thousand years this somehow mutated into “The meek shall inherit the Earth”.

The Geeks were not pleased by this misrepresentation and went to work on correcting the problem. Over the next few hundred years and up until the mid-20th century the Geeks perfected a method of taking over the hearts and minds of thousands of Humans. Instead of inventing new types of chair, handbag or another fancy cheese, they put their minds to developing powerful computational technologies that would pave the way for a new dawn of invention and entertainment.

The first wave of these new systems were far too complex for ordinary, unoccupied Humans to comprehend but more were soon to follow. Then, in the 1970s the Home Computer arrived and, finally, computing for the masses that even the lowliest of Human intelligence could grasp.

Alan Turing, Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, Grace Murray Hopper, Nolan Bushnel, Jack Tramiel, Sir Clive Sinclair, Seymour Crey, Ada Lovelace, Charles Babbage, Gottfried Leibniz, Hermann Hauser and Chris Curry are but just a few of the most famous and recognised Geeks. There are many, many more and by far too many to mention but one thing is certain. It was not long ago that they got their way and fulfilled their dream. Take a look around you… The Geeks certainly did inherit the earth!

FUZE Technologies Ltd knows a good thing when it sees it and it wants a piece of the action. FUZE4 Nintendo Switch is our offering to budding Geeks everywhere. We hope you like it.

Thank You

FUZE4 Nintendo Switch has been developed in the UK by a very small team. It is also a project that has run alongside the usual FUZE activities including delivering hundreds of FUZE Coding workshops to young people across the UK. When we originally announced we were embarking on the project a web page accepting donations was introduced on the FUZE website.

We can't shout this loud enough, but a HUGE thank you from our team to all our donators. It meant the world to us to receive your support and we would not have made it without you!

Additional thanks for their ongoing support, encouragement and general awesomeness goes to:

Charlie! Shila Odedra-Silvera, Leonard Teague, Helen & Anna Silvera, Emma, Mark and Josh Mulcahy, Nic, Caroline and Josh, Philip Prall, Jared Forrester, James Hands, Lucie Dickinson, Luke Schofield, Christian Hegyi, Martin White, Anil & Milan Modhwadia, Andrew and Lorna Johns, Ellis Durden, James Silcox of Reach the Core, John Ronane, Dawn, Chris, Charlotte and Elizabeth Basnett, Rod and Iris Ellis, Shane, Leanne, Luke and Mia Ellis, The Rgt Honourable John Bercow, Ickford Combined School, Wheatley Park School, The Hall School, John Hampden School, Alex and Vicki and Adrian Mietusiewicz

The FUZE team

Jon Silvera Paragon of Adjudication & Execution, Founder & CEO / Project Manager & Investor

Jon Clough Paragon of Integrity, Finance Director & Investor

Derek Taylor Investor

Colin Bodley Paragon of Stoicism, Programmer's Reference Guide, Help contributor, product tester and Investor

Luke Mulcahy Paragon of Wisdom, Lead Programmer including 3D, 2D & Audio engines, Editor and much, much more

David Silvera Paragon of Truth, Designer, Programmer, Tutorials & help content & Audio Assets / technical consultant and Head Tutor

Will Tice Programmer including User Interface, Editor support, 2D Sprites, Map and image tools and much more

Kat Deak Paragon of Artistry, 3D Graphics artist & contributor, 3D model quality control & product testing

Mike Green Additional programming support, web development and product quality control

Molly Odedra-Silvera Paragon of Oration, Marketing support, Product tester, quality control and Assistant Tutor

Lizzie Botelle Paragon of Orthography, Product tester & quality control

Ben Taylor Product tester, quality control and Assistant Tutor

Grace Odedra-Silvera, Charlotte Reeve, Hannah & Mica Assistant Tutors


FUZE Technologies Ltd 15 Clearfields Farm Wotton Underwood Aylesbury, HP18 0RE United Kingdom

email: phone: 44 (0)1844 239 432 social: @fuzecoding web:

License agreements

Contributing Artist Agreements (Jessica Clayton / Alienoutcast) - (Luis Zuno / ANSIMUZ) - (Hasan Bayat / Bayat) - (Michael Lohr / Broken Vector) - (Colin Brown) - (David Silvera / FUZE Technologies Ltd) - (Dominik Gabriel / Cryptogene) - (Ajay Karat / Devil's Garage) - (Valerij Golovin / DinV Studio) - (Eder Avila Muniz / EderMuniz) - (Emerald Eel Entertainment) - (Keith Fox / Fertile Soil Productions) - (Jason Perry / finalbossblues) - (Gijs De Mik) - (Kat Deak / FUZE Technologies Ltd) - (Kenney Vleugels / Pixeland Parkstad / Kenney) - (Graeme Houston / Kuro Ren) - (Hamza Cavus / MoonStar) - (Pipo / Hiroshi Suzuki) - (Jei Oakley / Pixelsnplay) - (Tomás Laulhé / Quaternius) - (Krzysztof Dycha / Ravenmore) - (Joshua Von Ros / RVROS) - (Lavinia / Selavi Games) - (Felipe Díaz Flores / Sinestesia) - (Stijn Van Wakeren) - (William S. Tice / Untied Games) - (Vadi Godfried / Vadi-Va)

All game assests are provided under the following agreement:

User License Agreement for game assets included with FUZE®4 Nintendo Switch


FUZE FUZE® is a coding environment designed to make it as easy as possible to learn to code and program games. It is available on multiple hardware platforms.

ASSETS Digitally represented 2D artwork, tile maps, sprite sheets, 3D models, 3D animations and materials, screen fonts, audio clips, music and any other game related content supplied with the intention of being used to create games or applications in the FUZE coding environment.

ARTIST [LICENSOR] LICENSOR Original author responsible for the creation and or supply of ASSETS.

COMPANY FUZE Technologies Ltd. The developer and worldwide exclusive publisher of FUZE.

USER Recipient, having acquired the use of the FUZE coding environment on any platform.

Therefore: It is understood that LICENSOR has granted COMPANY the non-exclusive right to bundle ASSETS with FUZE on its associated platforms. While ASSETS may be available from other sources the license granted to COMPANY is specific to COMPANY and should not be misconstrued with any other license provided by LICENSOR to any other party.

Specifically: COMPANY grants the USER the right to include, edit and or manipulate ASSETS for use within their own FUZE projects. The USER must clearly display attribution to the LICENSOR and FUZE within the project and, in the case of commercial versions, on any marketing materials promoting the project.

USER may not, without explicit written approval from LICENSOR, redistribute ASSETS for free or commercially outside the scope of being included within USER projects. USER projects may not invite the extraction of ASSETS.

USER may not sublicense or redistribute ASSETS beyond the scope of this agreement or in any standalone format to any third party.

For the avoidance of doubt USER may include ASSETS in their own FUZE projects but not redistribute in any way outside the scope of this agreement.

There is no date period to this agreement. It remains in force unless released by COMPANY.

If in doubt or if you would like to discuss this license please email

© FUZE Technologies Ltd. Company Registration Number 08837428. 15 Clearfields Farm, Wotton Underwood, Buckinghamshire, HP18 0RS, England

FUZE End User LICENSE Agreement 1) Definitions The following definitions apply to this agreement:

a. “FUZE” being the company, FUZE Technologies Ltd as registered in the United Kingdom, registration number: 8837428 b. "SOFTWARE" refers to the product LICENSE under this agreement, the application in object code and or binary formats including UPDATEs and ASSETS. c. "ASSETS" refers to the 'video game' content included in a FUZE PRODUCT in addition to the SOFTWARE, such as 3D model files and object files, audio files, video files and image files, as well as other sounds and templates that contain such files. d. "DEVICE" refers to any electronic physical or virtual computing device (e.g. PC, laptop, workstation, video game console, tablet, mobile phone, an instance of a virtual machine, etc.). e. "UPDATE" refers to an updated version of SOFTWARE. An UPDATE constitutes a modified, improved or fixed version of SOFTWARE. It does not include new versions of a SOFTWARE. f. "LICENSE" refers to the LICENSE assigned to a specific DEVICE belonging to the customer following installation and if required activation of the SOFTWARE. g. “CONTRIBUTING ARTIST” refers to the artist responsible for creating ASSETS included with the SOFTWARE. h. “OFFICIAL CHANNELS” refers to the sales distribution network of approved resellers appointed by FUZE. i. "COMMERCIAL USE" means use of the SOFTWARE or ASSETS for the direct or indirect purpose of financial benefit (e.g. by means of sale, licensing, advertising, etc.).

2) Purpose a. Subject to the conditions within and for the duration of this agreement, FUZE grants you (the user) the non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the respective SOFTWARE on one DEVICE. FUZE retains ownership, copyright and other proprietary rights related to the SOFTWARE. You (the customer) acknowledge FUZE's ownership as well as all proprietary rights to the SOFTWARE, ASSETS, backup copies and documentation. The buyer of the SOFTWARE is solely responsible for the proper contractual use of the SOFTWARE. b. Only users who have purchased the SOFTWARE via OFFICIAL CHANNELS are authorized to receive UPDATEs.

3) Installation and Registration a. Depending on the DEVICE you are installing SOFTWARE on-to you may receive a unique LICENSE number to enter during installation. An online registration may also be required before SOFTWARE is activated. If the number of user installations exceeds the number of allowed installations specified in the LICENSE is exceeded, the LICENSE may be deactivated by FUZE. In such cases the user should contact FUZE to request reactivation.

4) LICENSE verification a. SOFTWARE generally requires an internet connection to install and activate.

5) Using the SOFTWARE and ASSETS for commercial purposes a. Where technically possible the SOFTWARE may be used for commercial purposes subject to the terms in clause 6.

6) ASSETS a. Where technically possible ASSETS may be used for commercial purposes subject to the terms in clause 6 and as specified in the CONTRIBUTING ARTIST Agreements. This applies to games, demos, applications, example programs and or modified versions of the ASSETS or any project including any ASSET. b. FUZE grants the user the right to include, edit and or manipulate ASSETS for use within their own FUZE projects. The user must clearly display attribution to the CONTRIBUTING ARTIST and FUZE within the project and on any materials promoting the project. c. Exploitation of ASSETS outside the scope of personally created work, i.e. outside of SOFTWARE, is prohibited. For the avoidance of doubt; ASSETs, Programs, Projects, Manuals, Demonstration and examples may not be extracted and used separately for commercial or non-commercial purposes. d. User may not, without explicit written approval from LICENSOR, redistribute ASSETS for free or commercially, outside the scope of being included within a user’s project. User projects may not invite the extraction of ASSETS. e. Users may not sublicense or redistribute ASSETS beyond the scope of this agreement or in any standalone format to any third party.

7) Copying, renting and redistribution a. You are prohibited from copying the licensed program and the written documentation either partially or in its entirety. This excludes your right to make a digital copy of the software for backup purposes. Back-up copies may not be redistributed. b. The SOFTWARE as well as the written documentation may not be commercially rented out or commercially lent in any other form to a third party in exchange for payment. This also applies to lending of the SOFTWARE in a pre-installed form on a DEVICE that is commercially offered to third parties in exchange for payment. c. You may not make any changes to the SOFTWARE, personally or by third parties. You may not disassemble the SOFTWARE into its components, nor modify the object code, decode, copy or use it in any way other than that foreseen in the contract.

8) Transfer of rights a. The transfer of rights and obligations under this agreement to third parties is only permitted on authorisation from FUZE with the exception of personal transfer of the legally acquired SOFTWARE by the rightful owner. In case of the ownership of the rightfully acquired SOFTWARE being transferred in this fashion, the original owner is obliged to destroy all back-up copies and to delete the installation. A digital transfer of a SOFTWARE (a download) is prohibited.

9) Guarantee and liability a. You are aware that software programs, ASSETS and associated documentation may contain errors, and that it is not possible to develop data processing programs in such a way that they are error-free for all usage scenarios and all customer requirements, or error-free in conjunction with all third-party programs and hardware. FUZE provides no assurances of particular features and usability related to planned customer-specific applications. b. In case of paid products and services, FUZE is only liable to slight negligible damages incurred by it or its assistant(s) if a duty is violated, even if it is extra-contractual, the adherence to which is of special importance in order to be in compliance with contractual use (Cardinal duty), as well in cases of damage to life, body and health. c. For non-observance of a cardinal obligation, the liability is limited to the damage which must be typically expected within the scope of this agreement if there is no intention or gross negligence or if FUZE must incur liability because of fatal injury, physical injury or health hazards. d. FUZE shall not be liable for damage which can be controlled by the other contracting party or which the other contracting party could have prevented by taking measures which can be reasonably expected. FUZE is not liable for data loss. e. In any event, FUZE's liability is limited to four times the amount paid for the LICENSE fee by the customer. This exclusion does not apply to damage caused through intent or gross negligence on the part of FUZE. f. In case of paid products and services, the guarantee against deficiency in material and defects in title is limited to fraudulent concealment of defects by FUZE in consideration of free licensing of the product. g. Statutory liability in case of personal damages and damages pursuant to the Product Liability Act remains unaffected. h. A change in the burden of proof to the disadvantage of the customer is not related to the foregoing provision. i. Insofar as SOFTWARE contains functions that operate via an online server, FUZE retains the right to end the offering at any time. Availability will not be guaranteed.

10) Licence conditions of other manufacturers a. If the SOFTWARE contains additional software from other manufacturers, or should additional software be integrated, then compliance with the use and license conditions of the manufacturer of said delivered additional software is also compulsory. If SOFTWARE contains additional software, you can view the respective use and licensing terms in the corresponding file.

11) Support a. FUZE offers electronic Internet support during the warranty period. This encompasses clarification of installation questions and installation problems by Internet or email. The rendering of support is at the sole discretion of FUZE and is not connected with any guarantee or warranty.

12) Other a. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties regarding the contract purpose. Collateral agreements shall not exist. No verbal or written statements made by FUZE or any FUZE employee can alter or question the validity of this LICENSE agreement.

13) Validity of contractual conditions a. Should one or more of the conditions in this contract be or become invalid, this will not affect the validity of the remaining contract. A substitute provision will replace the invalid condition, such as comes closest to the intended purpose. The contract is subject to the laws of the United Kingdom.